Kleptocratic Regimes and National Security: A Pervasive Threat and How It Can be Neutralized

Posted: April 2, 2018 at 2:38 am

On November 15, 2017 TraCCC co-sponsored a conference at the Hudson Institute on “Kleptocratic Regimes and National Security: A Pervasive Threat and How It Can be Neutralized.”

It had two objectives:

·      To identify and raise awareness about the vast array of threats that are caused or exacerbated by kleptocracies. These include great power competitors, nuclear aspirants, terrorism, organized crime, state failure, genocide, and obstruction of peace and stability operations.

·      To propose and obtain feedback on recommendations for responding to this threat.

The following recommendations were addressed:

·      Tailor assessment and planning to the threat from kleptocratic regimes

Sever the flow of illicit revenue, the center of gravity for kleptocratic regimes, by:

–       Passing beneficial ownership legislation

–       Using data science to combat kleptocracy’s threat to national security

–       Creating a database on the financial transactions of Politically Exposed Persons and a mechanism for the USG to share information about them with financial institutions

–       Using the Global Magnitsky Act and other precision-guided policy tools to sever the flow of illicit revenue to kleptocrats who threaten our national security

·      Use hybrid justice institutions to combat impunity by kleptocrats

·      Make accountability a priority equal to capacity building in the security sector

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