Odessa Center Publications

Publications by TraCCC Scholars and Grantees in Odessa, Ukraine

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Corruption in Economics: regional and global trends, problems of prevention/Compilation of articles (2003).

Bezruchenko V.S. The Establishment of Complete Financial Monitoring: An Effective Method of Combating Organized Crime (2003).

Boldar, Galina E. Criminal Law Problems of Combating Organized Crime in the Bankruptcy Sphere (2003).

Dyatlenko, N.M. The Use of Offshore Companies by Organized Crime Groups in Committing Tax Evasion (2003).

Kamenskiy, Dmitro. Forms of Federal Tax Evasion in the US: Criminal Law and Criminological Characteristics (2003).

Kivalov S.V., Driomin V.N. Mandrichenko, Zh.V. Sociological and Legal aspects of terrorism/ Collective monograph (2003).

Mandrichenko, Zh.V. Criminal Law Compromise in Combating Organized Crime (2003).

Masliuk,O.V. Nuclear Terrorism – Global Threats and National Capacity to Combat It (2003).

Matiiko, Nikolai V. Ethnic Organized Crime in the Southern Region of Ukraine: Status and Efforts of Combating It (2003).

Melnichuk, T.V. Problems of Defining Organized Crime and Its Forms (2003).

Nezhurbida, S. I. Organized Crime: Its Nature and a Way of Combating It (“Mechanistic Approach”) (2003).

Orzikhin M.F., Driomin V. N. Information support in combating organized crime/ Compilation of research papers (2003).

Starchenko, O.V. Theory and Practice of International Cooperation in Investigating Organized Crime Groups (2003).

Stetsenko, Yuri V. Criminalistic Principles of Utilizing Mass Media to Combat Organized Crime (2003).

Torskiy V.G., Topalev V.P. On Preparing Naval Officers for Action in Extreme Situations Involving Threat of Terrorist Action (2003).

Udovik, M.S. Issues of Combating Organized Crime and Corruption (2003).