Former TraCCC Centers in Russia

TraCCC has previously maintained centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk and Chelyabinsk. Their websites still contain reports about the work conducted in those years. These centers continued to function, demonstrating the sustainability of TraCCC projects in Russia once US government funding ends. The Moscow center went on to provide advice to the State Duma on new anti-crime legislation, while the St. Petersburg center continues to hold summer schools and conduct other research projects. Their contact details and organizational biographies (current at the time of conclusion) appear below.

The Moscow Center

The Moscow Center, housed at the prestigious Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences, brought together distinguished scholars from various institutes in Moscow engaged in research, advising policymakers and drafting laws to combat organized crime, corruption and terrorism. The Moscow Center ‘s small and large grants program had a broad reach. A database of all research conducted under the TraCCC banner is available online, and the Center continues to take advantage of its extensive networks to provide the latest scholarly insights to the Russian legislative process. TraCCC operated the Moscow center from 1998-2003.

Moscow Center Resources and Publications

Contact Information:

Institute of State and Law
Russian Academy of Sciences
Ulitsa Znamenka, 10
119841 Moscow , Russia
Director: Dr. Viktor V. Luneev
Coordinator: Nina V. Togonidze
Administrator: Natalia A. Zubkova
Telephone: 7-095-291-8792
Fax: 7-095-291-8574


Irkutsk Center

The Irkutsk Center, housed at the Baikal State University of Economics and Law, conducts research on organized crime and corruption. Its research has focused on organized crime in Eastern Siberia, attitudes towards corruption in specialized labor camps for convicted law enforcement and government officials, the attitudes of citizens towards corruption in the Irkutsk region, trafficking in human beings and labor exploitation, the role of violence in resolving business disputes in the raw materials sector in Irkutsk, and environmental crimes. The Center has also published an analysis of the problem of illegal trafficking in women and children in Torgovlya Lyudmi (Academica, 2002), and completed a textbook on the investigation of financial crimes. The Center has been working with the anti-trafficking unit in Irkutsk to combat trafficking in the region.

TraCCC operated the Irkutsk center from 1997-2005.

Contact Information:

Baikal University of Economics and Law
Prospekt Zhukova 11-219
664050 Irkutsk-50, Russia
Director: Dr. Anna L. Repetskaya
Coordinator: Dmitry Sinkov
Telephone: +7-3952-351-972
Fax: +7-3952-351-972


The St. Petersburg Center

The St. Petersburg Center was located at the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University. Its director was Professor Boris Vladimirovich Volzhenkin, a well-known scholar and former member of the procuracy. Dean Nikolai Mikhailovich Kropachev took a leading role in the development and implementation of the Center’s Programs.

The Law Faculty has long had a reputation for academic excellence and is the alma mater of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Not only does it have a top faculty, it has excellent computer research facilities, a first-class library, and high-caliber students.

Like the other affiliated centers, it conducted a small research grant program on issues of transnational crime and corruption. The center continues to advise northwestern Russian government officials on issues related to crime and corruption, organizes roundtables and seminars, and supports the publication of the quarterly journal Juridicheskaya Praktika.

In addition, the center conducts an annual summer school program for junior faculty of criminal law and criminology from throughout Russia . The faculty for this special course consists not only of St. Petersburg Law Faculty, but also academics from Russian regions and abroad. Topics for the course have included organized crime and corruption, U.S. law enforcement approaches to combat organized crime, money laundering, criminal legal problems of the struggle with corruption in Russia , corruption as a criminological problem, psychology and corruption, the new Ukrainian Criminal Code and the new Russian Criminal Procedures Code.

TraCCC operated the St. Petersburg center from 1998-2003.

Contact Information:

St. Petersburg State University Law School
22nd Line, Vasilievsky Island
Building 7, Office 7
St. Petersburg, Russia 199026
Coordinator: Ekaterina Romanova
Telephone: +7-812-329-2828
Fax: +7-812-321-9953


The Chelyabinsk Center

The Chelyabinsk Center, housed at the South Urals State University, was established in June 2006. Since its establishment, the Center has hosted several national academic seminars on general issues of organized crime and corruption, as well as a roundtable focused on computer crime.

The Center’s research has focused, among other issues, on drug trafficking, corruption in the region, violation of intellectual property rights, crime among migrants, and tax crimes.

TraCCC operated the Chelyabinsk center from 2006-2010.

Contact Information:

South Urals State University
Prospekt Lenina 76
Chelyabinsk, Russia 454080
Coordinator: Raul Hashimov
Telephone: 7- (3512) 278 51 87