Visiting Scholars

Dr. Mahmut Cengiz is a research scholar at Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC). He is a leading expert on transnational crime, corruption, terrorism, money laundering, and terrorist financing as well as human trafficking and smuggling of nuclear materials with a particular focus on the Middle East. He specializes in the relationship between crime and conflict in peacekeeping missions. He is also a security expert on policies related to crime and terror issues.

Holding two masters and two doctorate degrees in Turkey and in USA, Dr. Cengiz has a broader academic and teaching background on international relations, sociology, and public policy. He is the author of four books, a number of articles, and book chapters regarding organized crime, smuggling, terrorist financing, and trafficking issues. His recently published book (2015), combines theory and field experience and discusses many illicit trade issues in the Middle East. He recently has studied transnational threats in the Middle East in terms of conflict in Syria and ISIS, the role of regional drug criminal networks, the interest of terrorist organizations in WMD, and the effects of corruption over the instability in the Middle East. Dr. Cengiz has spoken at various international fora on transnational crime, terrorism, and corruption.

Recent Publications of Dr. Cengiz

Cengiz, Mahmut (2015), Türkiye’de Organize Suç Gerçeği ve Terörün Finansmanı [The Reality of Organized Crime and Terrorist Financing in Turkey], Ankara: Seckin Publication House
Cengiz, Mahmut (2011), Turkish Organized Crime: From Local to Global, Saarbrücken: Verlag Dr. Müller
Cengiz, Mahmut (2011), “Smuggling of Nuclear Materials in the Former Soviet Union,” Turkish Journal of Police Studies Volume 13, Issue 1
Cengiz, Mahmut (2010), “Various System Methodologies to Analyze Theft and Smuggling of Nuclear Material Cases,” Turkish Journal of Criminology Volume 1, Issue 2.