TraCCC in the News

This page lists recent appearances of TraCCC staff and researchers in print and video publications.

31 July 2015: Norwegian publication Aftenposten quotes Dr. Louise Shelley in an article discussing the politics vs. religion of ISIS’s reign of terror. Read the article, in Norwegian here.

25 July 2015: Guatemalan publication El Economista quotes Dr. Louise Shelley in a discussion of the potential of corruption fighting methods in Honduras and El Salvador that mimic those in Guatemala. Read the article, in Spanish, here.

24 July 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is quoted in an article in publication, La Prensa Grafica, of El Salvador, discussing the corruption fighting methods of Hondurus and El Salvador. Read the article, in Spanish here.

1 July 2015: Vietnamese publication, Soha News, quotes Dr. Louise Shelley in an article about the use of antiquities trafficking as a funding source for ISIS. Read the article, in Vietnamese, here.

29 June 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is quoted in Artnet News writing on the role of ISIS in the looting and selling of antiquities. Read the article here.

28 June 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is quoted in Bloomberg Business article on the exploitation of antiquities by ISIS as part of a diversified business. Read the article here.

16 June 2015: International Business Times quotes Dr. Louise Shelley in article on the adaptive nature of funding of the Islamic State. Read the article here.

1 June 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley writes for American Legion Magazine on the roots of ISIS and the “whole-society” approach required to address it. Read the article here.

1 June 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is interviewed by French publication, L’Opinion about terrorist funding. Read it in French here.

26 May 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley in interviewed by German language, Luxembourg publication, Tageblatt about the business model of ISIS. Read it in German here.

18 May 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is featured speaker for Council of Former Federal Executives (COFFE) luncheon series. The talk focused on crime, corruption, and human trafficking.

6 May 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley was a panelist at the 45th International Peace Institute Vienna Seminar, titled The United Nations at 70. The panel was entitled “To Save Succeeding Generations”: Threats to International Peace and Security in the 21st Century.

International Peace Institute Vienna Seminar

International Peace Institute Vienna Seminar

30 April 2015: Mason News covers TraCCC Panel Presentation on Human Trafficking. Read about the event here.

28-29 April 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley co-chaired panels and spoke at the U.S. France Cooperative Futures Forum, Anticipating Threats and Risks, hosted at the U.S. Department of State.

27 April 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is interviewed by German newspaper Saarbrücker Zeitung on the business of terrorists and their markets in the West. Read it in German here.

24 April 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley speaks at the Indiana University Governance and Management Research Speaker Series. The event was titled Dirty Entanglements: Corruption, Crime and Terrorism and the Policy Implications.

24 April 2015: TraCCC PhD student, Andy Guth is quoted in Washington Post Fact Checker regarding methodologies for reporting human trafficking statistics. Read it here.

23 April 2015: TraCCC PhD recipient, Bilal Wahab co-authored a piece for Rudaw on the continuing effects of ISIS on the cultural heritage of Iraq and Syria. Read it here.

22 April 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is named to the inaugural class of Andrew Carnegie Fellows. Read the press release here. Read the New York Times story on the award here.

22 April 2015: TraCCC Senior Fellow for Transnational Crime authored an op-ed in Business Insider discussing sanctions as an option for crime syndicates engaged in wildlife crime. Read it here.

20 April 2015: TraCCC PhD student, Nazia Hussein authored an op-ed on urban battlegrounds for the International Relations and Security Network. Read it here.

15 April 2015: UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov referenced the terrorism “business model” coined in Dr. Shelley’s book, “Dirty Entanglements” during his speech at a panel for The UN Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons during the ongoing UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. Read the local news report on the panel here.

14 April 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley served as a panelist at an ancillary meeting organized by the UNODC Civil Society Team together with the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, the UNCAC Coalition and the Government of Norway on the margins of the 13th UN Crime Congress. The panel discussed breaking the chain between corruption and organized crime in the post-2015 development agenda. Read the write-up here.

14 April 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is mentioned in Al Jazeera reporting of the UN Congress of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. Read the story here.

14 Apil 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley presents “Breaking the Chain between Corruption and Organised Crime in the Post-2015 Development Agenda” at the UN Congress of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, in Doha. View the summary here. Also available in French here.

11 April 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is featured guest on the radio show “Frontlines of Freedom” to discuss today’s terrorism situation. The interview starts at minute 24, here.

April 2015: New article by Louise Shelley and Christina Bain, “Human Trafficking: Fighting the Illicit Economy with the Legitimate Economy,” is published in the peer reviewed journal Social Inclusion. Download the article here.

24 March 2015: The National Law Forum quotes Dr. Louise Shelley in a study of ISIS destruction of cultural heritage pieces. Read it here.

March 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley authors a book chapter called “Corruption and Youths Recruitment into Violent Extremism,” in the new book Countering Radicalisation and Violent Extremism Among Youth to Prevent Terrorism, eds. Marco Lombardi et. al. (Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2015), NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme,  pp. 37-47. Buy the book, e-book, or e-chapters here.

Countering Radicalisation book cover

Countering Radicalisation book cover

March 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is special guest at the U.S. embassy in France to discuss her book, Dirty Entanglements.

18 March 2015: Moroccan newspaper L’Economiste references Dr. Louise Shelley in an article examining the threat of ISIS. Read it in French, here.

17 March 2015: Foreign Policy cites Dirty Entanglements as a driver of the conversation around the links between corruption and violent extremism. Read it here.

15 March 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley discusses ISIS funding with French publication L’OBS. Read in French, here.

13 March 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is interviewed by French news channel, France24, in French, about diversified terrorist funding. Watch here, in French.

12 March 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is featured on France24 show “The Interview” to discuss diverse sources of funding for ISIS. Watch here.

10 March 2015: The NewStatesman quotes Dr. Louise Shelley in its in depth analysis of ISIS and the role religion plays in the organization. Read it here.

9 March 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley’s talk at French University, Sciences Po is mentioned in the weekly strategic newsletter, TTU. Read it here in French, on page 6.

9 March 2015: Dr. Shelley takes part in Roundtable discussion in French co-organized by La Revue Civique, CEVIPOF, IPSE, and the US Embassy. Topic: Terrorisme, Crime organisé et Corruption: Faire face aux nouvelles menaces imbriquées.  ​Hosted by CEVIPOF Political Research Center attached to Sciences Po. La Revue Civique Publication at the crossroads of debates, new ideas and experiences. It concerns individual and collective co-responsibility issues of NGOs, institutions, media and companies. IPSE Institut de recherche décentralisé

9 March 2015: The Financial Express of Bangladesh uses the work of Dr. Louise Shelley in a piece on the impact of transnational organized crime on the 21st Century, and South Asia. Read the article here.

9 March 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley gave a lecture  in French at the law and political science program at the Université Paris Ouest Nanterre on Dirty Entanglements.

Louise Shelley at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre

Louise Shelley at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre

7 March 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is a guest on BBC radio 5 Live’s Up All Night to discuss new attacks on Libyan oil fields. Listen here.

5 March 2015: German publication DW quotes Dr. Louise Shelley in its analysis of ISIS funding and operations. Read in German here. It is also published in Portuguese here.

2 March 2015: Crisis Response Journal discusses the World Economic Forum report,  “Hedging risk by combating human trafficking: Insights from the private sector,” co-authored by Louise Shelley, in its blog entry, ” Using technology and big data to disrupt trafficking.” Read the blog here.

March 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is featured in 30minute podcast The Big Trade Series with Peter Pham. They discuss issues of convergence and the challenges posed for addressing crime and terrorism in the future, as well as specific examples like ISIS. Listen here. The episode, The Business of Terrorism is also available on Itunes here.

28 February 2015: Danish newspaper, Kristeligt-Dagblad mentions Dr. Shelley in its reporting on the money making methods of ISIS. Read it in Danish here.

26 February 2015: Deutche Welle interviewed Dr. Louise Shelley on ISIS funding on its television program. The interview was broadcast in more than 30 languages. Watch in English here.

25 February 2015: Louise Shelley addressed the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) in Berlin  “The Alliance between Terrorism, organized crime and corruption: How can financing and Recruitment be stopped.” Her co-panelist was Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sieber, the Director of the Max-Placnk Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg.

24 February 2015: German publication Heisen Online references Dr. Louise Shelley’s talk at the meeting of the European Police Congress in its coverage of the event. Read it in German here.

24 February 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley delivers keynote address to European Police Congress, held in Germany.

Dr. Shelley at EU police conference

Dr. Shelley at EU police conference

23 February 2015: TraCCC scholar, Nazia Hussein is quoted in Harvard Political Review regarding crime and politics in Karachi, Pakistan. Read the article here.

18 February 2015: The World Economic Forum published a web article in conjunction with release of the 2014 Human Trafficking report. Article and report are co-authored by Dr. Louise Shelley. Read the article here.

18 February 2015: The World Economic Forum releases its report Hedging Risk by Combating Human Trafficking: Insights from the Private Sector, co-authored by Dr. Louise Shelley. Read the report here.

16 February 2015: BBC Radio’s 5Live interview Dr. Louise Shelley about ISIS in light of recent activity in Lybia. Listen here.

11 February 2015: Newsmax TV’s Midpoint features interview with Dr. Louise Shelley on the terrorist business model of ISIS. Watch the interview here.

10 February 2015: Great Decisions on PBS, as part of the Foreign Policy Association features Dr. Louise Shelley in this year’s episode on Modern Slavery. See the lineup here.

7 February 2015: New York Times cover story investigated dirty money in the real estate market of Manhattan, echoing multiple 2014 articles that Dr. Louise Shelley contributed to in The Nation and ICIJ. Also see her article on money laundering into real estate in Convergence.

5 February, 2015: Business Insider references a previous article by Dr. Louise Shelley in Foreign Affairs. Read the Business Insider here. Read Foreign Affairs here.

January 2015: George Mason University School of Policy, Government and International Affairs ranks 10th among the 50 most innovative public service schools in the U.S., and TraCCC gets a mention in that ranking! See the list here.

28 January 2015: The Icelandic National Broadcasting System featured a story highlighting the TraCCC Human Trafficking Panel Presentation of January 22. Panelist, Detective Bill Woolf, of the Fairfax County Police Department Human Trafficking unit was interviewed for the story. Listen, in Icelandic and English between minutes 108 and 112 here.

23 January 2015: Louise Shelley’s work in human trafficking and transnational crime is mentioned in blog by Ambassador Adam Blackwell called “3 Key Steps to Stop Human Trafficking.” Read the blog here.

23 January 2015: Asahi Shimbun, the largest circulation newspaper in Japan, features an interview with Dr. Louise Shelley on hostage taking as a means of fundraising in the wake of the abduction of two Japanese nationals by the so-called Islamic State. The article, in Japanese, can be seen here.Asahi Shimbun article

22 January 2015: French weekly, L’Express includes comments from Dr. Louise Shelley on the diversification of terrorist funding. Read it in French here.

21 January 2015: Flemish language publication in the Netherlands, Knack, features an interview with Dr. Louise Shelley on fundraising practices of groups like ISIS. Read it in Flemish here. Read it in French here.

20 January 2015: Norwegian newspaper, Fredriksstad Blad, included input from Dr. Louise Shelley in its look at the role the illicit cigarette trade in Norway could play in terrorism funding. Read it in Norwegian here.

20 January 2015: Swiss Radio and Television, SRF, interviewed Dr. Louise Shelley on terrorism funding and its similarities with large companies and historical organized criminal groups like the mafia. Read the interview in German here. Read in English here.

20 January 2015: Thai news website, The World Today (โลกวันนี้), featured Dr. Shelley in writing about terrorist funding and how to address extremism. Read it, in Thai, here.

19 January 2015: C-SPAN has reaired the Oct. 22 Book TV presentation on “Dirty Entanglements.” Watch it here.

15 January 2015: Huffington Post Germany features Dr. Louise Shelley in article about terrorist funding. Read in English here, or the original German here.

15 January 2015: German magazine Bild features conversation with Dr. Louise Shelley on terrorist funding. Read in English here, or the original German here.

15 January 2015: Italian website Giornalettismo features analysis by Dr. Louise Shelley in its writing on the use of the trade in pornography as a funding source for ISIS. Read it in Italian here.

15 January 2015: In its January/February issue, Washington Monthly has included a book review of Dirty Engtanglemts: Corruption, Crime, and Terrorism. Read the review here.

13 January 2015: Dr. Shelley was interviewed by La Revue Civique. The interview can be read, in French, here.

13 January 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is featured in the new issue of Le Point discussing the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Read it in FrenchLePoint cover here.

13 January 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is interviewed by Romanian publication Adevarul in reference to terrorist funding. Read it in Romanian here.

12 January 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley was interviewed by Italian publication, Panorama, on terrorism, transnational crime and Jihidis in Europe. Read the interview, in Italian, here.

11 January 2015: Italian website Il Giornale included segments of a recent interview of Dr. Louise Shelley by Der Spiegel in its writings on ISIS funding channels. Read in Italian here.

11 January 2015: George Mason University and Louise Shelley are mentioned in analysis of “gangsterrorisme”. Read in French here.

10 January 2015: Vietnamese website Người Lao Động uses information from Dr. Louise Shelley in its analysis of terrorist attacks in Paris. Read in Vietnamese here.

9 January 2015: The Buenos Aires Herald includes quote from Dr. Louise Shelley in it’s analysis of terrorist attacks in Paris. Read it here.

7 January 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley and GMU are featured on Bloomberg TV addressing the terrorist attack on the headquarters of “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris. Watch the clip here.

5 January 2015: Famed German magazine, Der Spiegel interviewed Dr. Louise Shelley. Read in English here.

5 January 2015: Dr. Louise Shelley is featured in an interview with renowned publication, Der Spiegel. Read the article, in German here.

26 December 2014: Dr. Louise Shelley writes about the links between Human Trafficking and Terrorism for the Daily Beast. Read the article here.

19 December 2014: Dr. Louise Shelley is featured in the January/February issue of Fraud Magazine. The issue examines money laundering in the real estate sector and the requirements, or lack thereof, for the industry to perform due diligence in verifying the source of payment for real estate purchases. Read the article here.

15 December 2014: A book discussion  on “Dirty Entanglements” was held at the German Bundestag, organized by Zukunftsforum Öffentliche Sicherheit  (Think Tank Public Security). The event was hosted by, Sabine Rau, political correspondent for public broadcasting station ARD, and the panel discussion included Prof. Florian Kühn, Humboldt University Berlin.

15 December 2014: Dr. Louise Shelley presented her book, “Dirty Entanglements,” at the international headquarters of Transparency International, in Berlin.

15 December 2014: TraCCC director, Dr. Louise Shelley, spoke at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, along with  former German Federal Minister of Justice, Sabine Leutheuser-Schnarrenberger. They spoke about Dr. Shelley’s book, Dirty Entanglements, as well as terrorist funding. Watch the talks here, and view the subsequest Q&A here.

Louise Shelley and Sabine Leutheuser-Schnarrenberger at Hertie School of Governance

Louise Shelley and Sabine Leutheuser-Schnarrenberger at Hertie School of Governance

5 Demember 2014: The Fiscal Times quoted Dr. Louise Shelley in its analysis of Vladimir Putin’s address to the Russian Federal Assembly regarding the financial assets of Russians that are held outside the country. Read the article here.

3 December 2014: The Morning Briefing with Tim Farley on the POTUS station of Sirius/XM radio featured Dr. Louise Shelley. Subscribers can listen here.

1 December 2014: Foreign Affairs published an article by Dr. Louise Shelley that chronicles the diversification of money making efforts by the group, ISIS. Read the article here.

18 November 2014: David Luna, Senior Director for Anticrime Programs, at the State Department Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, cited Dirty Entanglements by Dr. Louise Shelley, and mentioned TraCCC and GMU during his remarks to the NATO Advance Research Workshop. The workshop was titled, “Neutralizing Radicalized Threat Networks, Disrupting WMD Illicit Traffickers and Targeting Corrupt Facilitators.” You can read the remarks here.

November 17: TraCCC staff and students Andy Guth, Robyn Anderson, Kasey Kinnard, and Hang Tran have had an article published in the peer reviewed journal “Social Inclusion.” The paper, called “Proper Methodology and Methods of Collecting and Analyzing Slavery Data: An Examination of the Global Slavery Index” can be read here.

14 November 2014: Famed German newspaper, Die Welt interviewed Dr. Louise Shelley on her book, Dirty Entanglements, and on the changing face of terrorism funding for groups like the so-called Islamic State. The interview was featured in online and print issues of the paper. Read it online, in German, here. Read in English, here.

13 November 2014: The U.S. Embassy in South Africa issued a press release detailing its distribution of $3 million to fund anti-wildlife trafficking efforts in South Africa. This funding comes through the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, and includes TraCCC’s funding for current wildlife crime research in South Africa. Read the press release here.

13 November 2014: Dr. Shelley was a keynote speaker at the Global Witness 20th anniversary event in Washington DC on November 13th; ‘Guns, Gems, Trees & Oil; Reflections on Two Decades of Global Witness’ Work and the Implications for US Foreign Policy’

L. Shelley at Global Witness

L. Shelley at Global Witness

30 October 2014: Dr. Shelley is featured on the Kojo Nnamdi show on NPR station WAMA 88.5FM to discuss ISIS funding. Additional guests included Juan Zarate, Senior Adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and Matthew Levitt, Director of the Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence at The Washington Institute on Near East Policy. Listen to the show here.

22 October 2014: Dr. Shelley presents Dirty Entanglements and takes questions about transnational crime, corruption and terrorism at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The event was moderated by Moisés Naím and aired on C-Span’s BookTV. Watch the presentation here.

24 October, 2014: Dr. Shelley is featured on the Tavis Smiley Radio Show on Public Radio International to discuss terrorism, corruption and organized crime. Listen to the interview here.

14-15 October, 2014: Dr Shelley spoke in panel discussions at the closed-door forum on cyber security and the growing worldwide challenge of cyber crime. The event was hosted by the French-American Foundation and Interpol. Topics presented by Dr. Shelley included Characterizing Illicit Activity in Cyberspace:Porous Conceptual Boundaries and Legal Frameworks. Read about the event here.

29 September, 2014: Dr. Shelley spoke with John Hockenberry of The Take Away to discuss the U.S. strategy for ISIS and changes that should be considered. Listen here.

22 September, 2014: Long time TraCCC contributor and affiliate, Richard Kauzlarich (former US ambassador to Azerbaijan) was quoted by the Huffington Post, in a blog post, on the influence over U.S. foreign policy that is exerted by external forces and governments. Read the post here.

19 September, 2014: Dr. Shelley’s book, Dirty Entanglements is featured, with an excerpt, in the online magazine “Warscapes,” which publishes literature that puts a lens on areas of conflict in the world. Read the article here.

10 September, 2014: Dr. Louise Shelley is featured in a Fox 29 San Antonio story on the global reach of ISIS. A timely talk given the unveiling of President Obama’s plan for addressing ISIS (aka ISIL). Watch the story here.

29 August, 2014: Excerpt of Louise Shelley’s book, Dirty Entanglements: Corruption, Crime and Terrorism was featured by CQ Researcher in its report on Transnational Crime, to address the question, “Is cross-border criminality getting worse?” The excerpt can be seen here. View the complete report here.

21 August, 2014: Louise Shelley was guest contributor on the John Batchelor radio show, hosted by Malcolm Hoenlein, where she discussed her new book, Dirty Entanglements: Corruption, Crime, and Terrorism. Listen here (Dr. Shelley enters at 31min and 25sec) and stay tuned for information on her return to the show for a full length discussion of the book.

3 July 2014: The Nation published report on the presence of dirty money in Manahattan real estate transactions, and included analysis by Dr. Louise Shelley. Read the article here.

3 July 2014: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists issued their study of illicit financial flows in real estate transactions, including interview with Dr. Louise Shelley. Read the artile here.

22 May, 2014: USA Today published column by Louise Shelley addressing kidnapping as a fundraising tool of Boko Haram. Addressing the business model of this group and many like it could be the key to succeeding where military action alone has failed to minimize the effects of these organizations. Read the article here.

8 May 2014: Louise Shelley served as guest expert on transnational crime and the business acumen of terrorist organizations on Icelandic radio. Note that the interviewer is speaking Icelandic. Listen to the story here.

12 March, 2014: Louise Shelley gave a lecture (in French) on The Future Trends of Terrorism and Crime at the graduate degree program on Contemporary Criminal Threats at the University of Paris-Pantheon-Assas.

March, 2014: The Asian Journal of Criminology (volume 9, #1) published Louise Shelley’s review of Crime and Terrorism by Peter Grabosky and Michael Stohl (ISBN: 978-1-84920-031-8). The journal is available online, and the review can be accessed here.

March, 2014: The Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime featured an interview with Louise Shelley on transnational organized crime. The full interview is available here.

February, 2014: Louise Shelley’s report Human Smuggling and Trafficking into Europe: A Comparative Perspective was published by the Transatlantic Council on Migration.

28 January, 2014: TraCCC PhD candidate Bilal Wahab will give a talk at the Council on Foreign Relations entitled Turmoil in Iraq: The View from Erbil. Mr. Wahab is a lecturer at The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS).

January, 2014: Turkish publisher Adalet Yayınevi has published an important new book in Turkish by TraCCC alumnus Dr. Mahmut Cengiz. Küreselleşmenin Karanlik Noktasi Organize Suçlar (ISBN 978-605-1463-018) is a comprehensive overview of transnational organized crime, and includes treatment of such issues as globalization, the historic development of organized crime, illicit networks, threat finance, corruption and money laundering, as well as the principal tools in the fight against organized crime.  

16 December, 2013: An op-ed piece co-written by Senior Advisor Ambassador (ret.) Kenneth Yalowitz was published in The American Interest. Entitled Georgia Needs Leaders, Not Messiahs, it discusses the challenges and opportunities facing Georgia’s new generation of leaders. Read the full text here.

19 November, 2013: TraCCC staff and students attended a one-day symposium celebrating Mason’s commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, a strategic policy initiative for businesses and other organizations committed to aligning their operations and strategies with 10 widely accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anticorruption. Graduate students Andy Guth and Enkhchimeg Sengee delivered presentations on their work in these areas, and Ms. Sengee also gave a poster presentation for the midday session of the symposium. A report on Mason’s UNGC-related activities during the 2012-13 academic year is available online.

Enkhchimeg Sengee discusses TraCCC's current initiatives at the UNGC Symposium

Enkhchimeg Sengee discusses TraCCC’s current initiatives at the UNGC Symposium


7 November, 2013: TraCCC Senior Policy Fellow and Diplomat in Residence Ambassador (ret.) Kenneth Yalowitz gave a talk at the at Kennan Institute entitled The 2013 Georgian Presidential Election: An Assessment. Having served as an election monitor under the auspices of the National Democratic Institute, Amb. Yalowitz offered an evaluation of the election based on his observations.

31 October, 2013:  Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in International Educator (vol. 22, no. 5, September-October 2013) on the links between organized crime, corruption and human trafficking. A copy of the article on human trafficking can be downloaded here.

3 October, 2013 TraCCC researcher Dmitry Poletaev presented the findings of his recent research project in a press conference at the Independent Press Center. It was held in conjunction with the Department of Interregional Cooperation, National Policy and Relations with Religious Organizations in Moscow. Dr. Poletaev discussed the plight of migrant workers’ children in Moscow. The audience included experts from the mass media, the regional Department of Education and administrators from the City of Moscow. For more information on Dr. Poletaev’s work, see Aaron Beitment’s TraCCC blog post from August 21, 2013.

22 September, 2013: Louise Shelley was quoted in The Jerusalem Post in an article by Harold Goldmeier called Your Business: The Seamy Underbelly of Business, which outlines the scope and character of the global human trafficking problem. The full article (in English) is available here.

22 September, 2013: Human Security, Transnational Crime and Human Trafficking: Asian and Western Perspectives (edited by Shiro Okubo and Louise Shelley) is now available in paperback. The volume examines the global problems of human trafficking and organized crime, compares the experience and perception of these problems in Asia and the West, and discusses the policy responses of key states and international institutions.

10 September, 2013: Routledge launched a new title in their Transnational Crime and Corruption series: Environmental Crime in Russia: Federal and Regional Perspectives. Edited by Sally Stoecker and Ramziya Shakirova, this collection examines a wide range of Russian environmental crime, from radioactive pollutants to illegal logging and wildlife poaching, as well as the corruption that facilitates it.

2-6 September, 2013: Dr. Louise Shelley was a keynote speaker at an event in Bogota, which marked the 15th anniversary of Transparency International’s activities in Colombia. During her visit to Bogota, she was interviewed for Colombian television (Canal Capital’s Su Madre Naturaleza) in connection with the event. Watch the entire broadcast (in Spanish) here.

She also gave an interview for Semana in Colombia, in which she discussed successes and challenges in the fight against crime and corruption, both in Colombia and worldwide. For the full written article (in Spanish), click here.



Louise Shelley's presentation at Transparency International Colombia's 15th Anniversary meeting, September 2013

Louise Shelley’s presentation at Transparency International Colombia’s 15th Anniversary meeting, September 2013

(Left to right) Louise Shelley (director of TraCCC), Huguette Labelle (Chair of the Board of Directors of Transparency International), Elisabeth Ungar (Executive Director of Transparency International Colombia) and Patrick Alley (Co-Founder of Global Witness)

(Left to right) Louise Shelley (director of TraCCC), Huguette Labelle (Chair of the Board of Directors of Transparency International), Elisabeth Ungar (Executive Director of Transparency International Colombia) and Patrick Alley (Co-Founder of Global Witness)


September, 2013: Dr. Louise Shelley serves on the OECD Task Force on Charting Illicit Trade, for which she has been appointed co-chair of the subgroup on Trafficking in Persons. TraCCC Senior Fellow Gretchen Peters now co-chairs the subgroup on Environmentally Sensitive Goods.

16 August, 2013: Dr. Louise Shelley’s book Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective was mentioned by John Tirman in the Washington Post, in his discussion of Human Trafficking Around the World: Hidden in Plain Sight by Stephanie Hepburn and Rita J. Simon. Read the full piece here.

31 May, 2013: With Denis Corboy and William Courtney, TraCCC’s diplomat-in-residence Ambassador (ret.) Ken Yalowitz and Deputy Director Ambassador (ret.) Rich Kauzlarich co-wrote an op-ed on Changing Strategic Interests in the South Caucasus in The American Interest.

3 May, 2013: TraCCC doctoral student Nazia Hussain has been awarded a fellowship to attend the TSAS Summer Academy 2013, the summer school of the Canadian network for research on Terrorism, Security and Society. This week-long program for graduate, post-doctoral students and junior policy makers in government, will be held at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, on the Vancouver Campus of the University of British Columbia.

2 May, 2013: Nazia Hussain’s post Pakistan’s Jihadi Problem and the Middle East was published as part of the Middle East-Asia Project (MAP), and initiative undertaken by the Middle East Institute.

25 April, 2013: TraCCC’s publication Organized Crime and Corruption in Georgia, edited by Louise Shelley, Erik R. Scott and Anthony Latta, was reprinted in paperback this month.

16 April, 2013: Dr. Louise Shelley’s participation in Grinnell College’s three-day program on human trafficking was covered by KCRG news.

5 April, 2013: Firstpost published an article on Gretchen Peters’ research on Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, who “has emerged as the principal provider of financial services to narcotics traffickers and jihadists across South Asia”. Peters describes Ibrahim as “the Goldman Sachs of organised crime”, moving “billions of dollars annually”, and servicing “a wide range of clients from corrupt officials, to drug traffickers to terrorists”.

25 March, 2013: Dr. Louise Shelley was interviewed for KFUO radio’s BookTalk about her book Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective. She discussed with host Rodney Zwonitzer the scale and character of the global human trafficking problem, as well as its impact in the U.S. A recording of the full interview can be streamed or downloaded here.

21 March, 2013: Dr. Louise Shelley received the G. O. W. Mueller Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Criminal Justice by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. The Mueller Award is conferred annually on an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of comparative/international criminal justice spanning the areas of scholarship, leadership, and service. Dr. Shelley accepted the award at the ACJS 2013 Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX.

Dr. Louise Shelley (center) accepts the Mueller award from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Dr. Louise Shelley (center) accepts the Mueller award from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences


27 February, 2013: TraCCC completed a report on its activities with regard to the United Nations Global Compact. On July 1, 2012, George Mason University formally joined UNGC, which is a strategic policy initiative for businesses and other organizations that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten widely accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. TraCCC’s well-established work in all four of these areas serves to underscore Mason’s commitment to the principles of the UNGC.

26 February, 2013: TraCCC Ph.D. candidate Nazia Hussain co-authored an op-ed piece entitled Afghanistan 2015: The Dawn of a Regional Opium War?, which was published in Yale’s Journal of International Affairs.

20 February, 2013: Dr. Louise Shelley spoke at the monthly dinner meeting of The Arlington Committee of One Hundred, an event which explored the scale and character of the trade in persons, as well as its impact on Arlington and other counties in Northern Virginia.

18 February, 2013: Dr. Louise Shelley spoke as part of a webinar on human trafficking, in conjunction with Social Media Week: Washington DC.

31 January, 2013: Alexandra Selzer’s article Human trafficking: the case of Burmese refugees in Thailand was published in the International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice. The article has been published online, and will appear in a print issue of the journal later in the year.

29 January, 2013: TraCCC’s Deputy Director, Amb. (ret.) Richard Kauzlarich, was interviewed by Voice of America regarding recent developments in Azerbaijan, including corruption. A video of the full interview (in Azerbaijani) is available here.

26 January, 2013: Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in a Guardian article on cigarette smuggling in north Africa, where revenue from illicit trade is used to fund Islamist violence, such as Mokhtar Belmokhtar’s attack on the Tiguentourine gas field in Algeria this month.

25 January, 2013: Amb. (ret.) Richard Kauzlarich was interviewed for Turan about rioting in Ismayilli. Read the full article here.

24 January, 2013: TraCCC’s Senior Advisor and Diplomat in Residence, Ambassador (ret.) Kenneth Yalowitz, co-authored the op-ed piece Dealing with Two Russias, which appeared in the New York Times on January 24th, and The International Herald Tribune on January 25th.

19 December, 2012: Azerbaijani Americans for Democracy (AZAD) held a policy discussion forum entitled “Azerbaijan’s Untapped Potential for the West: Engaging Azerbaijani Society as a US Ally”. TraCCC’s Deputy Director, Ambassador (ret.) Richard Kauzlarich spoke about the importance of developing ties between Azerbaijan and the U.S. by founding those relations on shared values and goals, and about the impediments facing both countries as they do so. See the Azeri Report article for a full video of the forum, which includes Ambassador Kauzlarich’s presentation.

17 December, 2012: Professor Audrey Kurth Cronin’s article Thinking Long on Afghanistan: Could it be Neutralized? appeared in The Washington Quarterly’s Winter 2013 issue (36:1, pp. 55-72).

11 December, 2012: Turkish newspapers Merhaba Haber, Konya and Sabah published articles on Dr. Shelley’s discussion of  crime and terrorism at the symposium in Antalya. The articles focus on the trade in counterfeit drugs, as well as smuggling and human trafficking, as a funding source for groups such as the PKK, IRA and KCK.

(Click on the respective newspaper names above for the full articles in Turkish.)

10 December, 2012: Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in the Turkish newspaper The Star with regard to the links between trafficking and terrorist organizations such as the IRA and PKK. For the full article (in Turkish) click here.

9 December, 2012: Dr. Louise Shelley spoke on “Transnational Organized Crime” at the 4th International Symposium on Terrorism and Organized Crime in Antalya, Turkey. She also met with two alumni from George Mason University’s School of Public Policy, Mahmut Cengiz and Abdulrahman Al-Khalifa, who also attended the symposium.











Left to right: Abdulrahman Al-Khalifa, Louise Shelley, and Mahmut Cengiz

7 December, 2012: Dr. Louise Shelley attended the 4th International Symposium on Terrorism and Organized Crime, December 7-9, 2012 in Antalya, Turkey. She gave a talk entitled  “The Business of Terrorism: Smuggling”. On the same panel, Associate Professor Mahmut Cengiz, a TraCCC alumnus, gave a talk called  “A New Trend in Organized Crime: Spying”.











Louise Shelley pictured fourth from left

December, 2012: Columbia University’s Journal of International Affairs published Dr. Louise Shelley’s article “The Diverse Facilitators of Counterfeiting: A Regional Perspective”, and Ashley Neese Bybee’s article “Transnational Organized Crime: The Twenty-first Century Expansion of the Transnational Drug Trade in Africa”.  Both articles appear in Volume 66, No. 1, Fall/Winter 2012 of the journal, which is devoted to transnational organized crime.

15 November, 2012: Dr. Louise Shelley received the Distinguished Scholar Award from the International Association for the Study of Organized Crime, while attending the meeting of the American Society of Criminology in Chicago. She is only the second person to receive this award.











Dr. Shelley with Professor Klaus van Lampe, receiving the Distinguished Scholar Award

14 November, 2012: Dr. Louise Shelley attended the World Economic Forum, where she serves on the Global Agenda Council on organized crime. She was recognized for her five years of service on global agenda councils.












Dr. Shelley (pictured second from left) with the Global Agenda Council on Organized Crime


9 November, 2012: Dr. Louise Shelley spoke at the conference “Abolition, Past and Present: Scholars, Activists and the Challenge of Contemporary Slavery”, at the Gilder Lehrman Center’s Annual Conference. A video of the panel “Defining Slavery” is available in  C-SPAN’s video archives, and it includes Dr. Shelley’s presentation.

1 November, 2012: Dr. Louise Shelley presented on “Global business of human trafficking” at the Cooley Law Review Symposium and Michigan Abolitionist Project Conference on Corporate Responsibility and Human Trafficking. Janna Lipman, an SPP graduate and co-founder and executive director of Anka Rising, an NGO devoted to corporate social responsibility on human trafficking is speaking as well on prevention/protection.

1 November, 2012: Deputy Director, Amb. (ret.) Richard Kauzlarich was quoted in a Washington Post article discussing Iran’s illicit drug trade and the problems it creates in the Caucasus.

26 October, Louise Shelley spoke at the OECD workshop:,”Assessing the harms posed by illicit trade and the illegal economy for global supply chain integrity, economic growth, and market security,”  at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, France.

22 October , Dr. Louise Shelley  presented on “Corruption, Rule of Law and Fragile States,” at the  high level British-American Policy Conference entitled “Crime and Terror Conference,” in London, England.

18 October 2012, Ambassador (ret.) Ken Yalowitz had his article, “The challenge for democracy in Georgia”, published by Democracy and Freedom Watch.

4 October 2012, Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in the Voice of America article entitled, “Global Trade in Fake Drugs Tops $30 Billion”

21 August 2012, Nazia Hussain, Phd student and Researcher at TraCCC, had her article, “Informal Governance and Role of State in Cities in Developing Countries: Comparing Karachi and Cairo,” published on the Middle East Institute’s website.

1 August 2012, George Mason University’s new president, Angel Cabrera, came to visit TraCCC and met with Dr. Louise Shelley.

(Pictured from Left to Right: Amb. (ret.) Ken Yalowitz, President Angel Cabrera, Dean Ed Rhodes, Dr. Louise Shelley)

10 July 2012, Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in the article, “Russia’s Drug Czar Blames Beatles for Drug Problem“, discussing the growing drug addiction trend in Russia.

25 June 2012, Deputy Director, Amb. (ret.) Richard Kauzlarich the the moderator for the DC Chapter of the Internet Society’s seminar on “Censorship 2020: The Future of Freedom Online.”

June 28-29, 2012,  Ambassador Kauzlarich participated in Conference at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania  on Public Sector Corruption and Private Business Firms. He presented a paper on the TraCCC proposal for executive training on international crime and corruption for the private sector.

June 20, 2012 Ambassador (ret) Richard Kauzlarich participated in a World Affairs Council of DC debate at Johns Hopkins SAIS on “Averting Conflict in the Caucasus: Is Russia a Partner or a Spoiler?” with Ambassador (ret) John Evans.

07 June 2012, Dr. Louise Shelley wrote an article entitled “Transnational crime: A challenge for all”  in the  most recent issue of Electronic Journal USA – Partnerships Against Corruption.

April 2012 Dr. Louise Shelley and Ambassador (ret) Richard Kauzlarich jointly authored an article “Afrique : les options stratégiques pour la France”  in issue #4 (Avril-Mai-Juin 2012) of La Nouvelle Revue Geopolitique.

30 March 2012, Former World Vision Fellow, Rebecca Smokowitz had her research, The Child Labor Situation: An Analysis Focusing on Iasi and Vaslui, Romania, published in the Law Enforcement Executive Forum.

29 March 2012, Dr. Louise Shelley moderated the panel, The Business of Trafficking: Data Mining and Following the International Money Trail, at the 2012 Presidential Initiatives Summit in Seattle Washington.

27 March 2012, Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in the Malaya Business Insight online article titled, “Illicit cigarettes fund terrorism.

22-23 March 2012, Dr. Louise Shelley delivered a paper titled, “Human Smuggling and Trafficking into Europe: A Comparative Perspective,” at the Conference on the  Politics and Policy of Border Security held at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, Germany and sponsored by the Munk School of Global Affairs and the Migration Policy Institute.

14 March 2012, Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in hetq online article, ” Obama calls ‘Brothers’ Circle’ a National Security Threat…But Who are They?”. 

5 March 2012, Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in The New Yorker magazine article “Disarming Viktor Bout,” by Nicholas Schmidle.

March 2012, TraCCC continues to expand its Routledge series with the new book “Labour Migration, Human Trafficking and Multinational Corporations: The Commodification of Illicit Flows” Edited by Ato Quayson and Antonela Arhin.

21 February 2012-TraCCC hosted Dr. Aleksandr Zelitchenko, Director of the Central Asian Drug Policy Center and Coordinator of the EU Central Asian Drug Action Program in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. He presented on “Current Drug Trends in Central Asia.” FlyerPresentation, Article: Blaming the Third Force, the role of the narcotics trade in the Osh tragedy (EnglishRussian),

February 2012, Through a joint  project between TraCCC and the World Wildlife Fund, Aleksei Vaisman, of TRAFFIC–WWF Russia and his colleagues, Sergei Matveichuk and Sergei Min’kov of the Zhitkov Research Institute for Hunting and Animal Husbandry, produced a first rate training manual, “The Меrits and Drawbacks of Legal Regulation and the Fight against the Misuse of the Environment and Poaching of Wild Animals,” for use by law enforcement practitioners, scholars and students on the laws that supposedly protect wildlife and the practices used by criminal actors to trap (and often kill) wildlife for nefarious purposes. Russian laws on poaching are scrutinized and suggestions for improvement are made in the first part of the manual. Methods for locating, documenting and investigating poaching crimes are analyzed in the second half.

20 January 2012- TraCCC hosted Major General Muniruzzanam (ret.) of the Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies to discuss “The Security Dimensions of Climate Change.” FlyerPresentation,  National Security and Climate Change Video via LinkTv.

January 2012, TraCCC Phd Candidate, Bilal Wahab, was featured in American, Magazine of American University, in an article entitled, “The Hard Way” where he discusses growing up in Kurdistan and becoming a “Voice for Democracy.”

January 2012, Aleko Kupatadze, an alumnus of the TraCCC Center in Georgia and a speaker at two TraCCC conferences in Washington, DC in 2010 and 2011 has been awarded a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship from the Oxford-Princeton Global Leaders Fellowship Porgramme. Only 3 or 4 individuals worldwide are chosen annually to participate.

13 October 2011, Deputy Director, Amb. (ret.) Richard Kauzlarich was invited to speak at Vanderbilt University’s conference on “Corruption in Mexico, Russia and the United States.” His presentation was focused on “The Role of Public Policy Institutions in Addressing the Challenges of Crime and Corruption.

7 October 2011, TraCCC hosted Fashihuddin, Founder for the Pakistan Society for Criminology and Chief-in-Editor of the Pakistan Journal of Criminology. He is a senior officer of the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP), the author of Expanding Criminology to Pakistan, and holds a MBBS, LLB and MA in Political Science. Currently, he is the Director General of Human Rights in the  Central Police Office of the KPK Province in Pakistan. He has served in many positions with various law-enforcement agencies including the Frontier Constabulary, the Intelligence Bureau, and the Federal Investigation Agency. Event Flyer,Presentation

3 October 2011, Dr. Louise Shelley presented at the OSCE’s Expert Seminar on Leveraging Anti-Money Laundering Regimes to Combat Human Trafficking. Her presentation focused on “The Business of Human Trafficking”

27 July 2011- Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in article, “Obama’s plan against transnational crime sparks concern, “ where she states “transnational crime will be a defining issue of the 21st century for policymakers…”

26 July 2011- Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in article, “Agencies unite against transnational crime,” discussing the increase in counterfeit pharmaceuticals and the Obama administration’s new strategy to combat transnational organized crime.

25 July 2011- Dr. Louise Shelley, was quoted in the NY Daily News article entitled, “Obama: Target Transnational Gangs. “

25 July 2011- Richard Kauzlarich, Deputy Director of TraCCC, was interviewed by the Washington Post in the Article entitled, “New U.S. effort targets ‘transnational organized crime’ as threat to national security.”

July 2011- TraCCC PhD student, Andy Guth, has been appointed as an editor of the Corruption Research Network, part of Transparency International. It is a prestigious group of young scholars working worldwide on corruption issues.

June 2011- Dr. Mahmut Cengiz, former Phd student under Dr. Louise Shelley, has published his first book, Turkish Organized Crime: From Local to Global. This book provides a detailed overview of Turkish organized crime groups, examines the emergence and growth of organized crime in Turkey, and shows how these Turkish groups are now counted among the most dominant criminal organizations operating in Europe. The book also shows how organized crime groups operating in Turkey and Turkish criminal organizations in Europe operate globally through extensive criminal networks. Drawing on an impressive body of academic research, including reports, field work, and interviews conducted by the author over the last twelve years in Turkey and Europe, Dr. Cengiz concludes that Turkish organized crime will remain active regionally and globally due to a number of factors. These include Turkey’s geographical location, increasing demand for illicitly traded goods and services, continuing flows of immigrants from developing countries to Turkey, extensive Turkish Diaspora communities, as well as numerous obstacles to effective law enforcement cooperation.

26 May 2011- Dr. Louise Shelley spoke at the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) in Stuttgart, Germany about human trafficking becoming a defining issue of the 21st century. Article.

25 May 2011- Dr. Louise Shelley, William Courtney, and Kenneth Yalowitz were published in the Christian Science Monitor with the article, “ How exposing corrupt regimes can serve US security,” which discusses the fight against foreign corruption and the success of US policy.

11 April 2011- Dr. Louise Shelley was featured in the cover interview of Rortoko to discuss how Human trafficking will remain a defining problem in the 21st century.

5 April 2011- Dr. Louise Shelley gave the introduction and opening remarks for The Global Business Dialogue’s Event, Unwanted Trade: Commerce that Steals Corrupts and Destroys. Listen to the Dr. Shelley’s discussion.

25 March 2011- Hakary Amin, a visiting scholar from Kurdistan, was interviewed by Harvard Political Review to discuss the major causes of sex trafficking in the Middle East. Link to Article

8 March 2011- TraCCC hosted Professors Alain Bauer and Xavier Raufer, two French Government advisors on crime and terrorism in the conference entitled, “Security Threats: A French Perspective and Response.” They discussed France’s views on current security challenges and the recent government reorganization to address these challenges. Their understanding of France’s long involvement with the Arab world and with Africa provided a unique perspective on international security. Event Program, Panelist Bios, Relevant Publications, Event Write Up

28 February 2011- TraCCC announced the latest edition to the Routledge Book Series. The book entitled, Human Security, Transnational Crime, and Human Trafficking: Asian and Western Perspective, contrasts the experience and perception of transnational crime and human trafficking in Asia with that in the West. Event Program, Purchase this Book, Photos from Book Event

22 February 2011- TraCCC hosted a conference entitled, “The Nature, State and Capacity to Address Illicit Trade in Tajikistan and its Effect on (In)Security in Central Asia.” The two panels discussed Actors and the Stage: The State of Tajikistan Today and Terror and Crime: A Nexus or Just Convergences of Opportunity?. Further information: Event Program, Panelist Biographies, Relevant Publications, Panel Photo, Conference Write Up

10 February 2011- Dr. Louise Shelley was interviewed by Icelandic national broadcasting service in the program Spegillinn (translated: The Mirror). Dr. Shelley’s segment on human trafficking is about halfway in the program in this Podcast.

4 February 2011, Dr. Louise Shelley was an invited to be a keynote speaker at Iceland’s Biannual Gender Equality Forum held in Reykjavik, Iceland. Dr. Shelley’s Speech

31 January 2011- Dr. Louise Shelley was a guest on the Radio Show, Sins of Omission, to discuss her book, “Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective.” Discussion

10-13 November 2010- Dr. Louise Shelley moderated a panel at the 14th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Bangkok, Thailand. She also wrote one of the conference articles entitled “Restoring Trust for Peace and Security.”

9 November 2010- Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in the article, “Countries Cooperate to Confront Crime Rings,” discussing the multilateral and multidimensional strategy that includes even greater international information- and intelligence-sharing and law enforcement cooperation.

14 October 2010- Dr. Louise Shelley was thanked by Journalist, Brian Palmer, for helping with his article, “Godfather vs. Vor: Who would win in a fight?”

20 September 2010- Three former students under Louise Shelley, Joseph Kafchinski, Summer Britford and Elizabeth Fiorentino, were published in the January 2010 Turkish Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Their articles can be found under our publications section of the website.

1 September 2010- Lousie Shelley was interviewed by Voice of America (Cambodia) to discuss her book, Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective. Khmer Interview

29 August 2010, Louise Shelley, director of TraCCC, was quoted in the New York Times article, “An Arms Sales Suspect, Bargaining With Secrets,” discussing the world’s largest arms trafficker, Viktor Bout.

19 August 2010- TraCCC partner Dr. Tatiana Pinkevich, Director of the Center for Social, Political, and Criminological Research at the Stavropol Branch of the Krasnodar MVD University, engaged Russian President Dmitry Medvedvev during a round table discussion on crime and corruption at the Kremlin. Transcripts from the event may be found on the Kremlin and Ministry of Internal Affairs websites. English translation

22 July 2010- TraCCC hosted a conference entitled, “Human Insecurity in West Africa: Irregular and Forced Migration, Drugs, and Arms and Human Trafficking.” The conference addressed many of the major challenges that West Africa faces including irregular/ cladestine migration, forced migration as a result of climate change and conflict, sexual and labor trafficking and the drugs and arms trade. Further information: Event Program, Panelist Biographies, Relevant Publications

14 July 2010-The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe held the hearing “A Decade of The Trafficking in Persons Report,” in which Louise Shelley’s latest book, “Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective” was mentioned in the testimony. Her book can be found on page 17 of The OSCE’s Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Dr. Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, testimony.

3 May 2010- Funded by the Turkish Institute for Security and Democracy, TraCCC hosted a conference entitled, “The Crime-Terror Nexus: Perspectives and Lessons Learned from International Researchers and Practicioners.” The conference presented analysis of terrorist financing and activity, based primarily on data made available from the Turkish National Police on the terrorist organization, PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party). Panels addressed diverse forms of terrorist financing and crime networks extending from Central Asia, through the Middle East and to Europe. Participants include high-level international officials and researchers who have studied data on the crime-terror relationship.

18 April 2010, Rector, Vladimir Kurilov, of Far East State University where TraCCC’s International Narcotic LawEnforcement (INL)-funded Vladivostok Center has been housed since 1997, sent Louise Shelley a letter of gratitude for the TraCCC-INL project. Worthy of mention is that Rector Kurilov has never been a paid participant in our project.

25 and 26 February 2010, TraCCC hosted a conference entitled, ” Criminal Networks, Smuggling, and WMD.” The conference addressed the problem of criminal facilitation in WMD proliferation in the United States and abroad. Speakers focused on actual cases and not hypothetical scenarios, and confirmed linkages between crime and terrorist groups were discussed and analyzed. Event Program, Biographies of the Speakers, Relevant Guest Speaker Publications

11 January 2010, Jack Goldstone, affiliated faculty of TraCCC, has been published in the January/February edition of Foreign Affairs Magazine. His article entitled, “The New Population Bomb” discusses a series of looming demographic trends that will greatly affect international security in the twenty-first century. How policymakers adjust to these changes now will determine the course of global political and economic stability for years to come.

11 January 2010, The article entitled,“January — The Month of Fighting Slavery and Human Trafficking,” (transliteration is: Yanvar’ — mesyats bor’by s rabstvom i torgovlei liud’mi) was published discussing President Obama’s declaration of January as the month of fighting slavery and combating human trafficking, which will culminate in the 1 of February “Freedom Day”. The article also draws attention to Obama’s attention to the issue of human trafficking through the leadership of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the U.S. Department of State, and the increased vulnerability of people to human trafficking due to the current global financial crisis. Director Louise Shelley was interviewed in the article and discusses her forthcoming book about human trafficking.

6 January 2010, NBR Special Report (December 2009),Ehsan Ahrari, Vanda Felbab-Brown and TraCCC Director Louise I. Shelley with TraCCC student, Nazia Hussain, assess the global and regional dynamics of narcotics production and trafficking in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the implications for counterinsurgency efforts in the region. The article is entitled, ” Narco-Jihad: Drug Trafficking and Security in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

6 January 2010, affiliated faculty member, Janine Wedel, has had her book, Shadow Elite: How the World’s New Power Brokers Undermine Democracy, Government, and the Free Market, selected as the first HuffPost Book Club selection for 2010. This book exposes and explains why it’s been so hard to bring about any real change in our country — why Washington no longer seems capable of addressing the problems our nation faces.

17 December 2009, Louise Shelley along with TraCCC’s Open World Program delegates, Marina Zakharova (Astrakhan), Maruf Khodzhiev (Kazan) and Veronika Ischenko (Rostov-on-Don), were interviewed in the article “A Fight is Declared against Slavery”(Article is in Russian).

12 December 2009, Louise Shelley was quoted in the Connecticut article, “Drug Cash Eludes Feds War” which discusses the currect Drug Cartel situation in Tijuana, Mexico.

13 November 2009, TraCCC was mentioned in the Voice of America article “Why Corruption Continues to Grow in Russia” which involves that corruption case involving Militia Major Alexei Dymovski. The article is in Russian.

21 October 2009, Louise Shelley appeared on CNN Prime Time discussing Russian crime organizations. The story is entitled “FBI: Mobster more powerful than Gotti”

21 October 2009, TraCCC had its third conference this year entitled ” Drug Flows Out of Afghanistan and Pakistan” consisting of 2 panels: The Drug Situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan; and Drugs Flows, Illicit Trade and Corruption as a Facilitating Factor along the Routes out of Afghanistan. Here are the Biographies of the Speakers, Relevant Publications, and Speaker Mahmut Cengiz Power Point Presentation.

14 October 2009, Louise Shelley was mentioned by the George Mason University’s President, Alan Merten, in his Fall 2009 Convocation Speech. She can be found on page 12.

10 September 2009, TraCCC release its very first Newsletter. The newsletter contains information about TraCCC students and Scholars, the Open World Program, Upcoming Events, what the Russian Centers are doing right now and much more.

10 September 2009, TraCCC hosted the conference, “US Policy on Transnational Crime” which consisted of 4 panels discussing Drug Trafficking, Mexico, and US Policy, Human Smuggling and Trafficking, Why Countering Counterfeiting and Diversion Deserve More Policy Attention, and Countering Transnational Crime

19 August 2009, TraCCC hosted “An Anti-Corruption Exchange” with a small group of officials from Southern Sudan tasked by GOSS with the establishment of southern Sudan’s first anti-corruption body and legislative framework. Minutes from the Exchange

17 August 2009, George Mason University wrote article, “Professor Works to Eradicate Modern Slave Trade” discussing human trafficking in the United States and what Dr. Louise Shelley recommends to be done.

July 2009, Security Management Online posted article, “Sleuthing Nuclear Smuggling,” mentioning Dr. Louise Shelley along with other panelists from the April 16th Conference, What Is Needed?: The Way Ahead for WMD Policy

23 July 2009, the Washington Post printed the article “Official’s Arrest in Russia Linked to GMU Research” which discussed the arrest of Alexander Astafyev, senior anti-corruption investigator at the Vladivostok Center in Russia. The Finnish-Russian Civic Forum also discusses the arrest. A.D. Summary Report, “The Role of Russian Internal Affairs Agencies”

29 June, 2009, Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in the Public Integrity article titled, Tobacco, Terrorism, and Illicit Trade, which discusses the undermining of cigarette smuggling worldwide by law enforcement.

20 May, 2009, Dr. Louise Shelley was interviewed by Voice of America to discuss TraCCC’s work with the Open World Program, and the need for Russia and the United States to work together against transnational crime and illegal migration. This article is in RUSSIAN.

4 May, 2009,TraCCC hosted a major policy talk with Mr. David Luna, Director for the Anti-Crime Programs at the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) Affairs in the US Department of State. The talk was largely focused on thematic threat convergence issues and the United States’ recent diplomatic efforts to combat transnational threats and dismantling threat networks. His statement can be found here

16 April,2009, TraCCC hosted an event,What Is Needed?: The Way Ahead for WMD Policy at the School of Public Policy. This Weapons of Mass Destruction Conference discussing the theoretical and operational frameworks of the policy domestically and abroad, and what is needed for the future. The Conference Report can be found here

March, 2009, TraCCC Director Dr. Louise Schelley appeared in the The Center for Infrastructure Proction (CIP) Report, published by GMU’s Law School. The article is titled Winners and Losers of the Current Crisis.

16 March, 2009, TraCCC Director Dr. Louise Shelley appeared in the School of Public Policy Monthly Newletter, Currents, to discuss her up and coming book, Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective, along with her concerns with the growing epidemic.

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