National Security and Public Policy Certificate

The National Security and Public Policy Certificate is offered through George Mason University’s School of Public Policy. For further information, please go to the Certificate Section under Academic and Professional Program on the School of Public Policy’s website. 

Brief Overview of the Certificate

** Indicate courses offered for TraCCC’s Substantive Policy Emphasis

Required Course:

  • PUBP 700 Theory and Practice in Public Policy

Select four of the following:

  • PUBP 650 Peace Operations I (Int’l)
  • PUBP 651 Peace Operations II (Int’l)
  • PUBP 710 Topics in Public Management and Policy/As Applicable
  • PUBP 743 National Security Management and Policy
  • PUBP 750 History of Military Operations Other than War (Int’l)
  • PUBP 751 International Police Operations (Int’l) **
  • PUBP 755 National Security Decision-Making Policy (Int’l)**
  • PUBP 759 National Security Law and Public Policy**
  • PUBP 763 Illicit Trade**
  • PUBP 764 Transnational Crime and Corruption**
  • PUBP 783 Global Governance
  • ITRN 701 Special Topics in International Commerce/As Applicable
  • ITRN 756 National Security and the Global Economy