TraCCC Graduate Student Research

Students have been selected by Dr. Shelley from her classes to have their work posted online due to their accelerated and scholarly understanding of selected topics in the realm of organized crime.

Abdulrahman Al-Khalifa:
The Use of Hawala as a Remittance System Power Point Presentation

Marinela Arresi:
Organized Crime in the Western Balkans Power Point Presentation

Rubab Azeem:
Organ Trafficking: An Examination of Pakistan’s Kidney Bazaar

John Boote:
A Criminal Haven: The Tri-Border Area of South America
The Case of Vladimiro Montesinos Torres: ” The Shadow Caudillo” Power Point Presentation

Christin Durham:
The Child Begging Mafia in India Power Point Presentation

Abdulrahman Duaij: Hawala:
The Main Facilitator for Middle Eastern Organized Crime Groups

Josh Erdossy:
Modern Piracy: Framing the Problem Power Point Presentation

Kate Hotze:
El Padrino Power Power Point Presentation

John Holmberg:
Narcoterrorism Paper

FARC-EP Power Point Presentation

Eric B. Johnson
Culture, Corruption, Crime, and Conflict (paper)

Joe Kafchinski:
Global Counterfeit Trade Paper

Chinese Organized Crime and Counterfeiting Power Point Presentation

Leanna Leitnaker:
Corruption of Foreign Aid Power Point Presentation

Janna Lipman:
Charles Taylor’s Criminal Network: Exploiting Diamonds and Children Paper

Amanda Monson:
What is Behind Human Trafficking in Cambodia? Paper

Rebecca Smokowicz:
The Mafia and Wind Energy Presentation

Karen Bentley Steward:
The 21st Century’s Silk Road

Kelsey Willingham:
The Economic Influence on Russian Organized Crime Power Point Presentation