Visiting Scholars

TraCCC is happy to host visiting scholars with their own funding and can provide office space and access to library facilities. Visitors must have at least a master’s degree or an alternate advanced degree. At present, we have planned visitors through November 2010. We can only consider visitors for subsequent dates.


 Hyungsok Kwak, South Korea, Studied the methods of reducing corruption by assessing corruption measurement


Nikolay Naydenov, Bulgaria, Fulbright Fellow, Studied responses to corruption in Bulgaria and the United States


Yulia Zabyelina, Ukraine, Doctoral student at the School of International Studies and Transnational Crime Center at the University of Trento in Italy, Collected data related to criminal cases and policy papers with  respect to the fight of the United States against transnational crime


Hakary Amin, Kurdistan, Women Program Manager for NGO Al-Mesalla, Compared on anti-sex trafficking laws and NGO support against female sex trafficking in  Kurdistan and US.

Rovshan Imbrahimov, Azerbaijan, Professor and Head of Department of International Relations at  the Qafqaz University,Conducted research on the energy security and provided a series of seminars in different institutions

Maria Laura Gomez-Mera, Argentina, Assistant Professor in the Department of International Studies at the University of Miami, Researched ‘The Politics of International Cooperation in the Fight Against Human Trafficking.”

Tienporn Vongkamhangharn, Thailand, Prosecutor from the Office of the Attorney General, Human Trafficking in Sex and Forced Labor as Transnational Organized Crime: Learning from the US Perspective