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TraCCC Updates Jan 16 Cover



Page 1: TraCCC director testifies before Congress, new team members, upcoming events

Page 2: Louise Shelley writes for New York Times, Shelley named Carnegie Fellow

Page 3: TraCCC team members travel to South Africa to conduct training, and Tanzania for new research







TraCCC Updates Jan15 Cover


Page 1. Updates on TraCCC grant from U.S. State Dept. and new partners, Upcoming events

Page 2. Introduction of new TraCCC team members, New publication for TraCCC

Page 3. TraCCC director is published by Foreign Affairs

Page 4. TraCCC Ph.D. received prestigious fellowship

Page 5. Summary of event with Dr. Claudia Paz y Paz at GMU

Page 6. Publicity for “Dirty Entanglements” is still growing





updates front TraCCC Updates is a short form newsletter meant to keep our readers and supporters up to date.

Page 1: Review of TraCCC grant from the U.S. State Dept. to study rhino horn trafficking networks

Page 2: Outline of TraCCC meeting with potential partners and donors for work on wildlife crime

Page 3: Summary of TraCCC hosted launch of Dr. Louise Shelley’s new book, Dirty Entanglements.








INSIDE TraCCC ISSUE #4Issue #4 – 2013

1. Research on Organized Crime and Corruption in Ukraine
2. New Subgroup to Combat Human Trafficking at World Economic Forum
3. Human Trafficking Resources in Northern Virginia
4. Slavery’s Impact on U.S. Political Development
5. NGO Fights Human Trafficking
6. Student Research: How the H2 Visa Program Leads to Labor Abuses
7. Tracking Illicit Networks with the FBI
8. Corruption in the Philippines
9. South Caucasus 10 Years Later
10. Ethnic Chinese Crime Groups in Eastern Siberia 1991-2011
11. Illegal Pesticide and Agrochemical Use in Eastern Siberia
12. Youth Organized Crime in Russia
13. Causes of Crime in Russia Today
14. TraCCC in the News



INSIDE TraCCC ISSUE #3 Issue #3 – 2013

1. International Perspectives on Anti-Trafficking
2. Do I have a Choice? Sexual Exploitation in Rural India
3. Interview: Veerendra Mishra
4. Human Trafficking in Mongolia: Interview with Enkhchimeg Sengee
5. Trafficking in the Philippines: Interview with Prof. Al Fuentes
6. Human Smuggling from Central America to the US: Interview with Carol Cleaveland
7. Prostitution within the Illicit Market of the Saratov Region (2013)
8. Child Labor in Russia
9. Labor Trafficking in the CIS
10. Sex Trafficking in Rural Nepal
11. TraCCC in the News
12. TraCCC Calendar




INSIDE TraCCC ISSUE #2Issue #2 – 2013

1. Introduction
2. From Dagestan to Boston, Dr. Louise Shelley
3. Hezbollah’s Global Footprint
4. Human Smuggling Across the CA & TX Borders: Summary Findings of the Human Smuggling Attribute Study
5. Human Smuggling Across the Arizona Border: A Guest Talk by Dr. Gabriella Sanchez
6. Cracking Illicit Cyber Networks: An Interview with Dr. Damon McCoy
7. Student Researrch: Pakistan’s Kidney Bazaar, Rubab Azeem
8. Corporate Raiding and Organized Crime in Russia, Aaron Beitman
9. Convergence: Illicit Networks and National Security: Launch of a new publication from the NDU Press
10. EU Parliamentarians Meet on Transnational Crime
11. Money Laundering Into Real Estate, Dr. Louise Shelley
12. Alumni Activities
13. TraCCC in the News
14. TraCCC Calendar



INSIDE TraCCC ISSUE #1 April 2013rIssue #1 – April 2013

1. Introduction
2. The Deadly Triad: An excerpt from Dr. Louise Shelley’s upcoming book on the “deadly triad” of crime, corruption and terrorism, and the illicit networks that link these three phenomena
3. Child Sexual Exploitation: An interview with C├ęsar Alonso-Iriarte, Visiting Professor and Policy Fellow for the EU Institutions
4. Destructive Entrepreneurship: An interview with Dr. Zoltan Acs, Director, Center for Entrepreneur-ship and Public Policy, GMU School of Public Policy
5. The Myth of Martyrdom: Adam Lankford explained what motivates suicide bombers, rampage shooters, and other self-destructive killers in his recent talk at TraCCC
6. Following the Money: In her March 1st talk, Professor Celina Realuyo explored how to approach illicit financial activity and money laundering to combat crime and terrorism



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