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TraCCC is very active in approaching the topic of drug trafficking and its interconnection to other transnational crimes through research, publications and events. Along with publishing several articles, TraCCC has published three books from its Routledge series that focus on the interrelationships between drug trafficking and other organized crimes. Russian Business Power, The Role of Russian Business in Foreign and Security Relations (2006) considers a wide range of issues, including energy, the arms trade, international drug flows, and human trafficking, and examines the impact of Russian business in Russia’s dealings with Western and Eastern Europe, the Caspian, the Caucasus and the Far East. Russia’s Battle with Crime, Corruption and Terrorism (2008) demonstrates the close links between the rising drug trade, border problems, migration issues, organised crime, corruption and terrorism. Human Security, Transnational Crime, and Human Trafficking (2011) describes  how drug use, illegal migration and human trafficking have all become more common in Asia, North America and Asia: the problems of organized crime and human trafficking are no longer confined to operating at the traditional regional level.

TraCCC has also held several successful conferences on drug trafficking. In September of 2009 , TraCCC hosted the conference, “US Policy on Transnational Crime” which consisted of 4 panels discussing Drug Trafficking, Mexico, and US Policy, Human Smuggling and Trafficking, Why Countering Counterfeiting and Diversion Deserve More Policy Attention, and Countering Transnational Crime. In October of that same year, TraCCC hosted another conference entitled, “Drug Flows Out of Afghanistan and Pakistan.”TraCCC’s scholars from countries along the drug route commented on the conditions that facilitate the trade from the point of origin to Western European Countries. TraCCC hosted the conference entitled, “Human Insecurity in West Africa: Irregular and Forced Migration, Drugs, and Arms and Human Trafficking” in July 2010. The conference addressed many of the major challenges that West Africa faces including irregular/ cladestine migration, forced migration as a result of climate change and conflict, sexual and labor trafficking and the drugs and arms trade. In February 2012, TraCCC invited Dr. Aleksandr Zelitchenko, Director of the Central Asian Drug Policy Center and Coordinator of the EU Central Asian Drug Action Program in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, to present on “Current Drug Trends in Central Asia.

Dr. Louise Shelley has also been quoted in articles concerning drug trafficking. In December of 2009, she was quoted in the Connecticut article, “Drug Cash Eludes Feds War.” which discusses the currect Drug Cartel situation in Tijuana, Mexico. NBR Special Report (December 2009) had Ehsan Ahrari, Vanda Felbab-Brown and Dr. Louise I. Shelley with TraCCC Phd student, Nazia Hussain, assess the global and regional dynamics of narcotics production and trafficking in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the implications for counterinsurgency efforts in the region. The article is entitled, ” Narco-Jihad: Drug Trafficking and Security in Afghanistan and Pakistan.” Dr. Shelley was again quoted in July of 2012 article, “Russia’s Drug Czar Blames Beatles for Drug Problem“, discussing the growing drug addiction trend in Russia.