TraCCC Publications on Money Laundering

Publications on Money Laundering and Economic Crime
by TraCCC Staff and Visiting Scholars

This list is sorted alphabetically by Author.

Borgia, Fiammetta. Corporate Governance & Transparency Role of Disclosure.

Borgia, Fiammetta. The Role of Disclosure in Corporate Governance (presented at American University, June 1 2005).

Burger, Ethan. On Countering the Legislation (Laundering) of Income Received by Criminal Means (Translation of Russian Federal Law: July 13, 2001).

Burger, Ethan. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX): Implementation and Assessment.

Burger, Ethan; Robinson, Phillip L. The Regulatory Framework and Potential Implications of the Bank of New York Money-Laundering Scandal for Russia and the United States in Russia Business Watch (1999).

Burger, Ethan; Shelley, Louise. Nakonets Rossiia priniala zakon o bor’be sotmyvaniom deneg(‘Russia at Last Adopted a Law on Money Laundering,’ Ekonomicheskaia Prostupnost, Moscow: Iurist, 2002), 35-8.

Glinkina, Svetlana. Privatizatsiya and Kriminalizatsiya: How Organized Crime is Hijacking Privatization (Demokratizatsiya, Vol. 2, No. 3, Summer 1994).

Kafchinski, Joseph E. Trade-Based Money Laundering vulnerabilities of the Global Trading System, Its Exploitation by Criminals, And What is Being Done, Turkish Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, January 2010, Year:2, Issue:1,97-118.

Koudriavtsev, Vladimir. Market Economy and Organized Crime in the Former USSR (in Savona, Ernesto, ed., Mafia Issues, Milano: ISPAC, 1993).

Machavariani, Shalva. The Main Weaknesses of the Management System in the State Administration of Georgia as Supporting Factors for Corruption and Money Laundering (presented at the Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, Helsinki, 2004).

Shelley, Louise. The Disposal of Seized Laundered Assets (Killing Development: Money Laundering in the Global Economy, Center for Post-Collectivist Studies, 2000).

Shelley, Louise. Economic Crime (interview in Caspian Crossroads, Vol.5, No.2).

Shelley, Louise. El financiamiento del Terrorismo (Revista de Opinion Juridica, April 2005).

Shelley, Louise. Organized Crime and Corruption in Ukraine: Impediments to the Development of a Free Market Economy (Demokratizatsiya, Vol. 6, No. 4, Fall 1998), 648-663.

Shelley, Louise. Terrorism, Transnational Crime, and the International Banking System (American, Fall 2001).

Shelley, Louise. Terrorist Financing (Annals of International Criminology , vol. 12, no1/2, 2004).

Shelley, Louise; Burger, Ethan. Nakonets Rossiia priniala zakon o bor’be sotmyvaniom deneg (‘Russia at Last Adopted a Law on Money Laundering,’ Ekonomicheskaia Prostupnost, Moscow: Iurist, 2002), 35-8.

TraCCC Research Center, Kharkiv,Ukraine. ‘The Problems of Fighting Crime in the Sphere of Economic Activity’ – part one, part two, part three).