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TraCCC Initiatives on Transnational Organized Crime

Topical Overview
Due to the international dimension of organized crime, which allows these networks to operate across sovereign borders, no one country defending
alone against them can be assured international
and homeland security or safety from terrorist
organizations with criminal links. Organized crime groups are involved
in an eclectic array of activities ranging from trafficking
in human beings, to
the illegal sales of weapons, narcotics, and nuclear material,
and in money laundering to hide the
proceeds from these illicit industries. The study of transnational crime
identifies and explores these activities and the political, social and
economic transformations that have facilitated them. Understanding the
range of instruments and policy responses available to governments and
law enforcement agencies, acting individually and collectively, is essential
towards efforts to effectively contain transnational criminal activity,
contain and fight corruption, and disrupt
or dismantle transnational criminal organizations.

TraCCC Initiatives – Transnational Organized Crime

TraCCC is very active in its response to the needs of national and international security practitioners and policymakers regarding transnational crime. TraCCC’s 2000 Annual Conference addressed how information technology both enables transnational criminal activity as well as how law enforcement can harness
information technology to address illicit activities. In Fall 2001, TraCCC organized a conference under the sponsorship of the McCormick Tribune Foundation entitled Transnational Crime and Peacekeeping: Comparative Perspectives that addressed these issues through the context of the Balkan
region and Colombia. Both conferences were interdisciplinary and included various points of view from U.S. and international experts. Reports are available for both conferences. Finally TraCCC maintains an active presence in major studies and commissions studying security issues such as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear threats from terrorists, illegal weapons export, identity fraud and transnational crime as a security threat.