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This page lists recent appearances of TraCCC staff and researchers in print and video publications.

18 March 2019: Louise Shelley is the opening keynote speaker at the 7th meeting of the Task Force on Countering Illicit Trade, OECD, Paris.

11 March 2019: Dr. Shelley’s most recent publication, “When We Talk About Human Trafficking, We Also Need To Talk About Tech. Heres Why” appears on Brink News and discusses the emergence and evolution of technology in human trafficking.

March 2019: Dr. Shelley appears on American Trends, which is a series of  podcasts focusing on the social and political trends shaping our future.  Louise Shelley is interviewed on Dark Commerce at EP 217

6 March 2019: Dr. Louise Shelley and TraCCC’s Layla Hashemi spoke about the links between terrorism, corruption, and transnational crime at NATO’s 2019 Building Integrity conference. The conference was focused on building strong and resilient institutions to strengthen partnerships

4 March 2019: Dr. Shelley was interviewed by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project for the video accompanying Troika Laundromat Report, a multinational investigation on massive money laundering. She is also quoted in the article is entitled “Vast Offshore Network Moved Billions With Help From Major Russian Bank”

28 February 2019: Dr. Shelley spoke at the House of Representatives briefing on the Natural Security Campaign on “Natural Security: The Role of Global Conservation in Protecting U.S. Interests”

26 February 2019: Dr. Shelley spoke at Yale on the Russian transition at a session on “Justice, Taxes and Global Financial Integrity”

26 February 2019: AML RightSource published a review of Dr. Shelley’s new book, Dark Commerce, entitled “What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits”

24 February 2019: Dr. Shelley appeared on CBC News discussing Chinese fentanyl in Canada in a segment entitled “How massive amounts of fentanyl get to Canada from China” 

21 February 2019: Dr. Shelley’s new book, Dark Commerce, was discussed by Vadim Nikitin in the London Review of Books.

17 February 2019: Dr. Shelley was interviewed by Jim Campbell about her new book, Dark Commerce, and illicit trade on BizTalk Radio 

16 February 2019: Dr. Shelley spoke about the links between terrorism, transnational crime, and corruption on AML Conversations in a podcast entitled “The challenge of addressing the illicit economy in 2019 and beyond” 

14 February 2019: Dr. Shelley’s work on illicit trade and her new book, Dark Commerce, were discussed in an article on entitled  “Author to General Counsel: You Can Do Much More to Find and Stop Illicit Trade”

13 February 2019: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera was interviewed by WNYC in a segment entitled “The Next Chapter for the Mexican Drug War”

11 February 2019: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera served as the moderator for a panel focusing on fentanyl trade in Mexico in the Mexican Security Review  by the Wilson Center

6 February 2019: Dr. Shelley was interviewed by Charles Davidson in The American Interest article entitled “Shining a Light on ‘Dark Commerce.'”

2 February 2019: Dr. Shelley appeared on a panel with Rice University’s Baker Institute in an event entitled “A Worthy Mission: Controlling Corruption in Latin America”

2 February 2019: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera discussed conflict in Venezuela in an interview entitled “Inside the Turmoil in Venezuela” with  RT.News.

31 January 2019: Dr. Shelley spoke on Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy panel entitled “Corruption Control in Latin America.”

28 January 2019: Dr. Shelley’s new book, Dark Commerce, was discussed in a Globalist article titled, “US: How to Combat Terrorist and Other Illicit Financing?”

22 January 2019: Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in a Quartz article entitled “Major GOP donor Len Blavatnik had business ties to a Russian official.”

16 January 2019: Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in a New York Post article entitled “Proposed bill targets money-laundered, terror-funded skyscrapers, LLCs.”

16 January 2019: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera was quoted in a New York Times article entitled “A $100 Million Bribe to the President? Mexicans Shrug.”

16 January 2019: Dr. Shelley explained how globalization, communications, and new technology have fueled the growth of dangerous forms of illegal trade at the Chicago Humanities Festival.

16 January 2019: Dr. Shelley was interviewed on The Steve Gruber Show in a segment entitled “Impact Illegal Trade of Natural Resources Has on National Security.”

10 January 2019: Dr. Shelley was interviewed by Darryl Berger on WNPV-AM segment entitled “Illicit Trade of Natural Resources.” She also discussed similar topics while being interviewed on KOGO-AM and WTKI-AM.

8 January 2019: TraCCC’s Abuse and Exploitation of Red Notices conference was mentioned in a Lawfare article and podcast entitled “The Veselnitskaya Obstruction Indictment: A Collusion Tale.”

8 January 2019: Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in a Foreign Policy article entitled “New Charges Against Russian Lawyer Who Met Trump Jr. Reveal Her Ties to Kremlin.”

5 January 2019: Dr. Shelley appeared on C-Span discussing Dark Commerce and the growth in illegal trade.

2 January 2019: Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted on Arab News and Albawaba on how emerging technologies and the dark web are fueling illicit trade in the Middle East.

29 December 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera and Alan Bersin produced an op-ed in The Hill entitled “Migrant activists and human smugglers collaborated at the Southern border: Innocents lost.”

21 December 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley discussed Bill Browder and the Global Magnitsky Act on CNN’s Situation Room.

20 December 2018: Dr. Shelley discussed the content of Dark Commerce on PRI’s The World (at 17 minutes into the program).

13 December 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley spoke at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) on how illicit economies threaten our future.

13 December 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley appeared on a BBC Newsnight program entitled “Should Trump fear his old watchdog Michael Cohen,” where she discussed the connections between Donald Trump and various Russian figures.

12 December 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley was featured in an event by the Henry Jackson Society in the United Kingdom where she discussed her new book, Dark Commerce.

11 December 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley discussed the subject matter of Dark Commerce on The Economist’s Money Talks podcast (at 8 minutes into the program).

11 December 2018: Louise Shelley at Chatham House for a discussion on Dark Commerce Technology’s Contribution to the Illegal Economy.

7 December 2018: The Washington Post featured an article entitled “Is MS-13 as dangerous as Trump suggests?” that was written by Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera and Camilo Pardo along with Mariely Lopez-Santana.

30 November 2018: ES Global reviewed Dr. Louise Shelley’s new book, Dark Commerce.

28 November 2018: Dr. Shelley’s new book, Dark Commerce, named top 5 science books of the week by

22 November 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley spoke in Up All Night, a BBC radio program, where she discussed the recent election of Kim Jong Yang as the new president of Interpol (at 20 minutes into the program).

22 November 2018: Marketplace featured Dr. Shelley in a program entitled “How the trade routes of the old world have been repurposed in the cyber age” where she discussed her new book Dark Commerce.

21 November 2018: Dr. Shelley was quoted in a CNN article on the election of Kim Jong Yang as the new president of Interpol.

21 November 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley discussed the controversy over the selection of Interpol’s new President on a BBC World News radio programme.

21 November 2018: Dr. Shelley was quoted in a CNN article on the pending election of the new president of Interpol.

21 November 2018: Dr. Shelley was interviewed in an All Things Considered segment entitled “Interpol Members Elect South Korean As Next President, Objecting To Russian Official.”

21 November 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley was featured in the Newsday international breakfast programme on BBC World Service radio about Interpol and Alexander Prokopchuk.

18 November 2018: The Financial Times quoted Dr. Shelley in an article entitled “Is Interpol being manipulated by authoritarian regimes?”

14 November 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley spoke on Dark Commerce and Illegal Sales of Online Sales of Medicines at the research symposium of ASOP in the National Press Club.

13-14 November 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera served as a featured speaker at the First Regional Summit: “El Mercado de la Cocaína. Criminalidad Organizada en el Área Común de Inseguridad Atlántica,” organized by UNAM and the Mexican Center for Superior Naval Studies.

13 November 2018: An interview with Dr. Shelley was published in an article entitled How ‘Dark Commerce’ is Making Us Poorer—and Sicker in The Crime Report.

10 November 2018: Louise Shelley presented her new book, “Dark Commerce,” at the Chicago Humanities Festival.

7-9 November 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera served as a panelist at an international conference in Mexico City entitled “La Transformación Histórica del Régimen Mexicano en un Contexto Global: Los Retos para el Nuevo Sexenio,” organized by Diálogos por la Democracia UNAM.

8 November 2018: TraCCC hosted a Ukrainian group on Strategic Communications Strategies of Government Agencies, a delegation of law enforcement and NGOs working on anticorruption sponsored by the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program.

7 November 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted by in an article entitled “US, Canadian Banks Struggling to Find Funds Behind Fentanyl Crisis: Sources.”

4 November 2018: Dark Commerce was listed in the “What we are Reading Today” section of Arab News.

3 November 2018: Dr. Shelley discussed her recent book, Dark Commerce, in the Dutch financial newspaper — Het Financieele Dagblad.

31 October 2018: Louise Shelley was a keynote speaker at the Crime Stoppers International Annual Conference in The Hague, Netherlands on illicit trade and also moderated a panel on “Illicit Trade, Human Trafficking, Environmental Crime.”

25 October 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera participated in a Brown bag lecture with the Polaris Project entitled “Gangs, Cartels, and Human Trafficking in Central America, Mexico and the United States.”

24 October 2018: Dr. Shelley served as a discussant in a forum entitled “Migration, Homeland Security, and Gangs” that was hosted at George Mason University’s Fairfax campus.

18 October 2018: Louise Shelley is featured in the Woodrow Willson School of Politics and International Affairs podcast Politics and Polls, Episode #111 How Technology Changed Illicit Trade

16 October 2018: Dr. Shelley served on a World Wildlife Federation panel at the annual meeting of the WWF Board and National  Council at the  Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium entitled “Natural Security: Investing in Nature for a Safer World.”

15-18 October 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera presented her paper entitled “Los Mexicanos Ilegales en Los Estados Unidos: A Human Problem” at the 16th Border Regions in Transition (BRIT) Conference.

13 October 2018: Louise Shelley spoke on a human trafficking panel hosted by American Women for International Understanding (AWIU) in Washington D.C.

12 October 2018: An extract from Dr. Louise Shelley’s new book “Dark Commerce: How a New Illicit Economy is Threatening Our Future” is now available on SoundCloud.

11 October 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera appeared on Fox News to share her research on the effect of U.S. immigration policies.

2 October 2018: Dr. Shelley article “Illegal trade is a growing threat to the community of nations, the world’s population and earth’s environment. Recognizing that criminals don’t stovepipe is the key to an effective response.” was published by the American Foreign Service Association.

2 October 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera shared a presentation entitled “New Illicit Networks along the Migration Routes: Human Smugglers, Transnational Organized Crime, and Corruption” at the Conference Amérique Centrale: La Crise Invisible” organized by the Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Internationales de l’Université de Montréal (CÉRIUM, The Montreal Centre for International Studies)

2 October 2018: Dr. Shelley is quoted in Russia Made The King Of Chess. The U.S. Dethroned Him. by FiveThirtyEight.

2 October 2018: Dr. Shelley writes Illicit Trade and Our Global Response for the Foreign Service Journal.

29 September 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera shared a paper entitled “The U.S.-Mexico Border in the Trump Era: Immigration, Security and Political Rhetoric” at the Conference 2018 ABS Japan Chapter Workshop “Border Studies Today: Seen from North America, Europe and Asia.”

28 September 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera presented her paper entitled “Borders in the Americas in the Era of Trump: Walls and Closed Borders” at the 2018 World Social Science Forum in Fukuoka, Japan.

6-7 September 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera was a featured speaker in the panel “Public Policies for Addiction Prevention and Citizen Security” during the National Meeting of the CONACYT’s Thematic Network on Addiction Prevention and Citizen Security in Monterrey, Mexico.

2 September 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera presented a paper that she co-authored with Mariely López-Santana entitled “The State vs. the Maras: An Assessment of MS-13 in the American Context” at the 114th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) in Boston, MA.

1 September 2018: TraCCC publishes report from its Money Laundering into Real Estate conference.

18 August 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley discussed the dynamics of the illicit textile market at an event entitled “The Dark Side of the Textile Trade: From the Silk Road to Today.”

31 July 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley served as a panelist at an Atlantic Council event entitled “Putin’s Rule: Siloviki and Kleptocrats.”

30 July 2018: The Atlantic quoted Dr. Shelley in its article, “How Russia Persecutes Its Dissidents Using U.S. Courts.”

25 July 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley served as a featured speaker on a national security briefing entitled “Natural Security: How Investing in Global Conservation Protects U.S. Interests.”

13 July 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley is quoted in an article by entitled, “Payment Processors Fly Under Radar of Human Trafficking Investigators”

5 July 2018: The Los Angeles Sentinel noted Dr. Shelley for her participation as a panelist at the 2018 Career Opportunities in International Relations event.

3 July 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera’s article “Mexico’s New President AMLO and Donald Trump Have Promised Mutual ‘Respect.’ How Long Can That Last?” was published in Time Magazine.

2 July 2018: Dr. Shelley’s journal article, “Corruption & Illicit Trade” was published in Daedalus

30 June 2018: Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera was quoted in the New York Times, “What it Costs to be Smuggled Across the U.S. Border.”

28 June 2018: Dr. Shelley spoke at the AWIU-COIR 2018 IMPACT Awards: Young Women Rising event.

22 June 2018: Sharon Melzer’s article, “Illicit Trade: The World Wide Multi-Billion Funding Stream,” was published in Freedom from Fear, a UNICRI publication.

31 May 2018: Yulia Krylova’s book “Corruption and the Russian Economy: How Administrative Corruption Undermines Entrepreneurship and Economic Opportunities” was published by Routledge  in their Transnational Crime and Corruption series

31 May 2018: Louise Shelley spoke at the Center of Excellence summit on the “Cross-Border Movement of People, Goods, Data and Capital” panel.

30 May 2018: Dr. Shelley is quoted on her expertise of how petty criminal activities relates to terrorism in an article by Quartz titled “Why Europeans should be quick to investigate petty criminals for Islamic terrorism.”

26 April 2018: Louise Shelley was featured as a 2015 Carnegie fellow in “Engaging Imaginations, Making History” by the Carnegie Reporter.

26 April 2018: Louise Shelley was a commentator at “Fighting Impunity in the land of Corruption: How a UN Initiative Contributes to Good Governance in Guatemala,” an event co-sponsored with the School of Foreign Service, Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University.

26 April 2018: Dr. Shelley is quoted by Reuters in “Under U.S. gaze, Latvia votes to dismantle banking bridge to Russia.”

21 April 2018: “Pakistan-based crime-terror group, D-company, whose origins lie in India, expanded Karachi’s historic role as a drug transhipment point, and built a powerful transnational crime-terror organisation, in part from drug proceeds,” Dr Louise Shelley tells lawmakers.

10 April 2018: The TraCCC Center is featured in the Alexandria Gazette regarding our Human Trafficking Hackathon, in the article titled “Using Computers in Arlington to Help Stop Human Trafficking.”

10 April 2018: Dr. Shelley is featured in an article from, “Human trafficking networks to the United States they have diversified according to experts.”

10 April 2018: Professor Louise Shelley and columnist Edward Lucas discuss the issue of money laundering in London on BBC Newsnight.

6 April 2018: In the article titled “United Nations Terror List Has 139 Pakistan Entries,” from the Newburgh Gazette, Dr. Shelley is quoted on her knowledge of D-company’s crime diversification.

5 April 2018: Professor Louise Shelley participated in the panel Beyond ‘Coyotes’: Current Trends in the Facilitation of Irregular Migration in Latin America at the Wilson Center.

3 April 2018: In the CNBC article “Money Laundering and Corruption Scandals Haunt Latvia as its President Meets Trump at the White House,” Dr. Louise Shelley is quoted, referencing the subject of money laundering.

2 April 2018: Dr. Shelley contributed to a German-language issue of a Transparency International publication entitled “Organisierte Kriminalität und Terrorismusfinanzierung.”

29 March 2018: Dr. Shelley spoke at the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland Global Forum on “Illicit Global Commerce as a Security Challenge.”

28 March 2018: Dr. Shelley testified at the “The Opioid Crisis and the Dark Web: How Transnational Criminals Devastate U.S. Communities” which was hosted by the Commission on Security & Cooperation in Europe: U.S. Helsinki Commission.

27 March 2018: Dr. Shelley lectured on Following the Money: To Combat Human Trafficking at the Financial Crimes seminar of the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council).

23 March 2018: In a viral article titled “Dawood’s D-company Traffics Weapons, Provides Financial Services, US lawmakers told,” Dr. Shelley is interviewed on her perspective and knowledge of D-Company, a Pakistani based criminal network as it diversifies its operations.

22 March 2018: Nazia Hussain published an article entitled “The Next “Day Zero”: Water Scarcity and Political Instability Beyond Cape Town” in New Security Beat.

20 March 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley testifies for the Terrorism and Illicit Finance Subcommittee at the hearing titled “Exploring the Financial Nexus of Terrorism, Drug Trafficking, and Organized Crime.” Testifying alongside Dr. Shelley were Celina Realuyo, Derek Maltz, and Joseph Humire.

19 March 2018: Dr. Shelley is mentioned in an article detailing the upcoming congressional testimony hosted by the Terrorism and Illicit Finance Subcommittee.

19 March 2018: Dr. Shelley is interviewed for the BBC Newsnight broadcast “Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska and His Links to British Politicians.”

6 March 2018: In the article titled “The AC Digs Into: Countering Looting Of Antiquities From Syria And Iraq Project,” the Antiquities Coalition interviewed Dr. Louise Shelley on the grant recently issued to TraCCC by the State Department. The purpose of the grant is to investigate the illicit trade of antiquities and to offer solutions to law enforcement.

28 February 2018: Dr. Shelley is interviewed by the European Observatory on Illicit Trade on her expertise on the connections between illicit trade and terrorist groups.

22 February 2018: Dr. Shelley is quoted in the article titled “The Magnitsky Affair” from the New York Review of Books, detailing a money-laundering suit involving a Cyprus-based real estate corporation.

17 February 2018: Dr. Shelley spoke with co-panelist Sir King, the leading security officer of the European Union, at the Munich Security Conference on New Strategies to Counter Trafficking, which was hosted by PMI Impact and the Royal United Services Institute.

15 February 2018: In association with Transparency Germany, Dr. Shelley wrote and presented a discussion paper for the Munich Security Conference focusing on corruption titled “Terrorism and International Crime- Corruption as the Enabler.”

8 February 2018: Dr. Shelley attended the NATO supreme allied commander transformation in Norfolk for a day on building integrity.

31 January 2018: The Hill reported on testimony before the House Financial Services Committee that included and quoted Dr. Shelley, in the story “Lawmakers worry digital currency helping human traffickers avoid detection

30 January 2018: Dr. Shelley testifies before the House Financial Services Committee for hearing entitled “Following the Money: How Human Traffickers Exploit U.S. Financial Markets ”

19 January 2018: In the article Spain’s Robert Mueller takes on the Russian mob released by Yahoo News, Dr. Shelley is quoted on the subject of money laundering by purchase of real estate.

18 January 2018: Dr. Louise Shelley addressed participants of the Building Integrity in Education and Training Working Group Meeting at the NATO Headquarters on the subject of counter terrorism.

17 January 2018: Dr. Shelley was featured in the podcast Bribe, Swindle or Steal for TRACE International.

16 January 2018: In an article investigating the relationship between the United States and Kazakhstan, “Kazakhstan is a ‘kleptocracy’ ruled by an autocrat. It’s also an increasingly important strategic ally,” Dr. Shelley is quoted on the subject of kleptocracy and corruption, specifically in relation to Kazakhstan.

21 December 2017: In the article “Milo Djukanovic: Montenegro’s Teflon Don” published by the European Observatory of Crimes and Security, Dr. Louise Shelley is quoted on the subject of drug trafficking the context of ancient Ottoman trade routes.

17 December 2017: Dr. Shelley is featured in the Building Integrity December Newsletter, citing her knowledge of the growth of illicit trade and corruption.

8 December 2017: Dr. Louise Shelley is quoted throughout an article in Al Arabiya English on smuggling routes, entitled, “Billion-euro Ottoman smuggling route to Europe still an operating business“.

8 December 2017: Dr. Shelley has new piece in Nato Review Magazine, New security challenge: The growth of illicit trade and corruption.

2 December 2017: In “Dacha in reserve and real estate in Miami. How retired police General obtained ownership of paradise,” an article from Crime Russia, Dr. Louise Shelley gives extensive testimony on corrupt real estate purchases.

December 2017: Louise Shelley is pictured and mentioned in the 2016-2017 OSCE report The “OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings“, see especially page 54.

30 November 2017: Louise Shelley was a keynote speaker at the 8th Assisses National de la Recherche Strategique (the National Meeting on Strategic Research), CSFRS , Military College, Paris. Her talk was entitled, Illicit Trade as Security Challenge.

15 November 2017: Dr. Shelley spoke at joint event between TraCCC and the Hudson Institute, Kleptocratic Regimes and National Security: A Pervasive Threat and How It Can be Neutralized.

26 October 2017: Quotes by Dr. Shelley in McClatchy are picked up by Daily Kos for their story, Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Sold Buildings to Mystery Buyers for Millions in Cash.

25 October 2017: Dr. Shelley is quoted on NPR’s Marketplace story, Mnuchin Heads to Middle East Focused on Disrupting Terrorist Financing.

25 October 2017: Louise Shelley is quoted in McClactchy story, Trump Associate Cohen Sold Four NY Buildings for Cash to Mysterious Buyers, on money laundering into real estate.

24 October 2017: The website Crime Russia picked up Dr. Shelley’s quote from the Oct. 20 Miami Herald for its own story, Patriots of Russia choose Miami, laundering of Russian money into U.S. real estate.

20 October 2017: Dr. Shelley is quoted by the Miami Herald in the story, This Russian general fought the mob. Why does he own $38 million of Florida real estate?

16 October 2017: Louise Shelley is quoted by the Moscow Times in the article, Danske Bank Under Investigation for Russian Fraud on the Magnitsky case.

28 September 2017: Dr. Shelley spoke on Al Arabiya television concerning the relationship of illicit trade and terrorist financing

27 September 2017: Dr. Shelley spoke at the PMI Impact/Financial Times conference Combating Illicit Trade
Progress, Challenges and Collaborative Solutions in London. She spoke on the panel, Interlinks of Illicit Trade with Other Crimes”

26 September 2017: Dr. Shelley is quoted in ABC News story, “Special counsel probing flow of Russian-American money to Trump political funds

16 September 2017: Dr. Shelley’s recent Congressional Testimony is referenced in the article How Black-Market Tobacco Funds the World’s Bad Actors for Defense One.

11 September 2017: Dr. Shelley spoke at NATO’s Building Integrity Conference “Projecting Stability Through Good Governance and Defence Institution Building”. She spoke on her book, “Dirty Entanglements – Corruption, Crime and Terrorism”.

6 September 2017: Dr. Louise Shelley was interviewed for NPR’s All Things Considered, in its piece “New Details Emerge About Russians Who Met With Donald Trump Jr.

5 September 2017: Dr. Louise Shelley spoke at King’s College London’s conference “Understanding European Jihadists: Criminals, extremists or both?

4 September 2017: Dr. Mahmut Cengiz writes Entrenched Political Corruption Squelches New Crime-Fighting Model Designed to Combat Human Trafficking Operations in Turkey for the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime.

2 August 2017: Dr. Mahmut Cengiz wrote The Lessons from Pakistani and Turkish Presidential-level Corruption Probes for Vocal Europe.

21 July 2017: Dr. Shelley’s testimony before the Helsinki Commission is heavily quoted in “Black Market Cigarettes a ‘Significant Threat’ Funding Terrorism and Other Criminal Enterprises.”

19 July 2017: Dr. Shelley testified before the U.S. Helsinki Commission hearing entitled, A Hazy Crisis: Illicit Cigarette Smuggling In The OSCE Region.

12 July 2017: Dr. Shelley is quoted in Asia Sentinel story Glamorous Russian Lawyer Tied to Deeper Scandals on the ties between Natalia Veselnitskaya, Donald Trump Jr., and a settled US Treasury case.

10 July 2017: Dr. Mahmut Cengiz writes “Why Turkey Failed To Rremove The Shadows On The Coup” for Vocal Europe, on the 1 year anniversary of the attempted coup in that country.

6 July 2017: Dr. Mahmut Cengiz writes “How Organized Crime and Terror are linked to Oil Smuggling along Turkey’s Borders” for the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime.

27-29 June 2017: Dr. Louise Shelley was a keynote speaker on the session “Transnational Threats–Current and Future Trends” at the 2017 Annual Security Review Conference of the OSCE in Vienna, entitled Strengthening Security Through Dialogue.

Louise Shelley at OSCE

30 May 2017: Dr. Shelley spoke to alumni at GMU Schar School of Policy and Government on Tuesday about her forthcoming book, the scaling of illicit trade, and its role in undermining global sustainability.

26 May 2017: Louise Shelley is quoted in McClatchy article, Here’s why the feds are looking at Jared Kushner.

11 May 2017: Dr. Louise Shelley is quoted in an article by India’s Business Standard entitled, Hope on GST to curb cigarette smuggling: Tobacco Institute of India

2 May 2017: Dr. Mahmut Cengiz has authored a new blog for the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime entitled, “How the crackdown in Turkey created a permissive environment for drug trafficking

April 2017: TraCCC Visiting Scholar, Dr. Mahmut Cengiz has authored a report Amped in Ankara: Drug trade and drug policy in Turkey from the 1950s through todayfor Brookings.

26 April, 2017: Louise Shelley addressed the Washington, D.C. Rotary Club on “Human Trafficking: A Comparison of Italy and the U.S.”

17 April, 2017: Louise Shelley spoke at “Investigative Reporting and Scrutiny over Trump-Russia Connections,” at the Columbia University School of Journalism

6-7 April, 2017: Dr. Shelley spoke on Security  vs. Illegal Networks and Trafficking at the Conference on Balkan Networks and Stability, Nato Defense College Foundation, Rome, Italy.

April 5, 2017: TraCCC Visiting Scholar, Dr. Mahmut Cengiz has authored the blog, “Turkey has a major drug problem—here’s how to get a handle on it,” for the Brookings, Order from Chaos blog.

29 March, 2017: McClatchy DC Bureau article, “Paul Manafort’s finances, alliance with Trump draw Treasury, Justice, FBI eyes,” quotes TraCCC director, Dr. Louise Shelley.

29 March, 2017: McClatchy article quoting Louise Shelley is picked up by the Miami Herald and the Rock Hill Herald.

28 March, 2017: Dr. Louise Shelley has authored a new article for ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti Money-laundering Specialists), on the site

24 March, 2017: TraCCC hosted a panel on Transnational Crime and Terrorism, including Dr. Louise Shelley, Dr. Desmond Arias, Dr. Mahmut Cengiz, and Dr. Sharon Melzer, at DHS 10th Anniversary Conference, held at George Mason University.

21 March, 2017: Dr. Shelley has authored “Dirty Entanglements on the New Silk Road: Drugs, Corruptions, and Crime in Central Asia” for the Reconnecting Asia section of the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

16 March, 2017: Harvard Political Review quotes Louise Shelley in its analysis, “Trafficking in Persons Report: 15 Years Later

1-3 March, 2017: Dr. Louise Shelley presented at high level talks on illicit trade at the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights in Sicily, Italy. Her talk was entitled Links Among different Forms of Illicit Trade

28 February, 2017: Louise Shelley was the keynote speaker at the 2nd annual Human Trafficking, University of Carolina-Pembroke

22 February, 2017: McClatchy article “Russia’s pension money for its veterans escapes scrutiny as it flows into U.S.” is picked up by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

21 February, 2017: Louise Shelley is quoted in McClatchy article, “Russia’s pension money for its veterans escapes scrutiny as it flows into US

15 February, 2017: Louise Shelley is cited by Miami Herald in “Russian diplomat under U.S. scrutiny in election meddling speaks“.

14 February, 2017: McClatchy DC Bureau quoted Dr. Shelley in, “Russian diplomat under U.S. scrutiny in election meddling speaks,”.

14 February, 2017: The Ledger-Enquirer ran the story “Russian diplomat under U.S. scrutiny in election meddling speaks,” that originated at McClatchy.

2 February, 2017: TraCCC visiting scholar, Mahmut Cengiz co-authors op-ed “Turkey’s Self-Destruction of Its Own Security” in Vocal Europe.

1 February, 2017: Dr. Shelley is mentioned in publicity of the upcoming Human trafficking conference scheduled at UNCP in the Richmond County Daily Journal.

8 December, 2016: TraCCC fellow Sharon Melzer is quoted in Virginia Public Radio story, Virginia to Crack Down on Black Market Cigarette Trade

1-4 December, 2016: Dr. Shelley spoke on 2 panels during the 17th annual International Anti-Corruption Conference of Transparency International in Panama City, Panama. Dec. 2 talk was entitled, “Greasing the Wheels: Understanding How Human Traffickers Exploit Corruption Networks: And What we Can Do about it,” and Dec, 3 was entitled, “Corruption, Security and Organized Crime,”

29 November, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley was interviewed on broadcast of Skynews regarding that days attacks at Ohio State University and whether the act may represent online terror recruitment.

16 November, 2016: The Irish Times story Corporate raiding devastating Russian economy, seminar told covered Dr. Louise Shelley’s talk at Trinity College on corporate raiding in Russia.

12 November, 2016: Dr. Shelley is interviewed by Italian newspaper Il Mattino. The article, by Davide Cerbone, is “Terrorismo, micidiale l’isolamento ma il Congresso USA lo impendira,”

11 November, 2016: Louise Shelley spoke at the launch of the 4th volume of the Atlas of the Mafia in Caserta, Italy. You can read about it in the story Atlante delle Mafie: presentazione alla Biblioteca Diocesana di Caserta 

9-10 November, 2016: Dr. Shelley spoke at Dialoghi sulle Mafie, an annual conference in Naples on the mafia and new criminal trends.

8 November, 2016: Italian site Repubblica covers the annual conference on the Mafia in its story Dialoghi sulle Mafie a Napoli: proiezione di “Camorriste” e presentazione dell’Atlante delle Mafie where Dr. Shelley’s talk at the conference is mentioned.

November, 2016: Dr. Shelley authors a new book chapter “Crescenti legami tra criminali e terroristi:l’esperienza europea,” in Atlante delle mafie Storia, economia, società, cultura vol. 4, eds. Enzo Ciconte, Francesco Forgione and Isaia Sales , Soveria Mannelli: Rubbetino, 2016, 83-95.

31 October, 2016: French journal SÉCURITÉ GLOBALE published text of Louise Shelley’s May 12 report to Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, “Following the Money: Examining Current Terrorist Financing Trends and the Threat to the Homeland”

25 October, 2016: Dr. Shelley is quoted in Die Welt story Milliarden mit Zigaretten und Pillen on organized crime and terror funding through cigarettes.

16 October, 2016: TraCCC support PhD graduate Dr. Nazia Hussein and TraCCC affiliated faculty Dr. Desmond Arias co-authored a chapter in the new book The Handbook of Criminology and Terrorism entitled “Organized Crime and Terrorism.”

14 October, 2016: Dr. Shelley and Judy Deane are mentioned in the story, Tvrdá pravda o tom, jak se podniká v Rusku, about the economic challenges for Russian business,in the Czech publication Kurzy.

6-8 October, 2016: Dr. Shelley speaks at the Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking at College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She gave the keynote address entitled “Human Trafficking: The Historical Roots of Present Trends” and was part of the panel: The Role of Law in Using the Four P’s to Combat Human Trafficking: Prevention, Prosecution, Protection, Partnership

Fall 2016: Louise Shelley is interviewed for International Affairs Forum Fall 2016 edition. Read it on pages 32-36.

Fall 2016: Dr. Shelley writes review of Gangs of Russia: From the Streets to the Corridors of Power, by Svetlana Stephenson for Slavic Review Volume 75, issue 3, page 804.

22 September, 2016: TraCCC training program with Tanzanian wildlife conservation delegation is featured in press release from the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam.

19 September, 2016: Louise Shelley is mentioned in story on ISIS finance, Perché gli arabi finanziano gli islamisti? in the Italian edition of International Business Times

16 September, 2016: Dr. Shelley is quoted in CNSnews story Harvard Economist: US Should Phase-Out All Currency Larger Than $10 Bills on suggestion that phasing out cash could reduce money laundering.

15 September, 2016: Louise Shelley quoted in AskNews story Il contrabbando di sigarette finanzia il terrorismo dell’Isis on the use of cigarettes to fund ISIS.

9 September, 2016: Louise Shelley featured in story on the website of ACAMS

Summer 2016: TraCCC supported PhD graduate Dr. Nazia Hussein and TraCCC director Dr. Louise Shelley co-author  Karachi: Organized Crime in a Key Megacity for Connections: The Quarterly Journal volume 15, issue 3, pp. 5-15.

30 August, 2016: French website Jol Press features Louise Shelley in their story La contrebande financerait le terrorisme en Europe on the use of cigarettes to fund terrorism in Europe.

26 August, 2016: Research by TraCCC director Louise Shelley and deputy director Judy Deane mentioned in Financial Times Blog, The hard truth of doing business in Russia: it isn’t all about sanctions

24 August, 2016: Louise Shelley is featured on German TV channel ARD’s news magazine story Terror-Geld durch Zigarettenschmuggel und Produktpiraterie on terrorism funding. Watch between min. 6 and 8.

24 August, 2016: German ARD story is printed and broadcast by German news site BR24, Wie der illegale Handel den Terror finanziert.

24 August, 2016: German site Das Erste ran ARD story and broadcast featuring Dr. Shelley, Terror-Finanzierung: Wie Attentäter mit Wirtschaftskriminalität an Geld kommen

24 August, 2016: German site Tagesschau ran ARD story and broadcast featuring Dr. Shelley, Wie illegaler Handel den Terror finanziert

24 August, 2016: Austrian site Kurier reports on German ARD story featuring Louise Shelley in Wer Schmuggeltschick raucht, könnte Terroranschläge finanzieren

24 August, 2016: German TV news magazine Plusminus shares story on terror funding on Youtube

28 July, 2016: BBC Russian interviews Dr. Shelley on corporate raiding in Russia in, Доклад: размах рейдерства в России растет

16 September, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley is quoted extensively in CSN News story, Harvard Economist: US Should Phase-Out All Currency Larger Than $10 Bills on the role of cash in illicit activity.

15 July, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley speaks in London at the House of Lords on ‘The Rise of Reiderstvo: Implications for Russia and the West’.

23 June, 2016: Global Initiative shared video of presentation by Louise Shelley in Capetown.

17 June, 2016: French website Economie Martin quotes Louise Shelley in Paquet neutre à 10 euros : une aubaine pour les organisations terroristes? 

14 June, 2016: Website, The Globalist mentioned Louise Shelley in its story, National Governments: Corrupted Systematically?

9 June, 2016: Dr. Shelley is quoted in a Nikkei Asia Review story, Sanctions may squeeze North Korea’s counterfeit cigarette trade, on illicit and counterfeit tobacco trade from North Korea.

6 June, 2016: German website Deutschland Radiokultur in its story,  Ein Werbespruch gegen den Schwarzmarkt on the role of illicit cigarette sales in Europe and terror financing.

4 June, 2016: German news site Deutsche Welle quotes Dr. Shelley regarding self-financing nature of ISIS terrorists in Europe in its article, 390 Euro für einen Terroristen in Geldnot?

30 May, 2016: Africa Geographic covers Dr. Shelley’s talk in Capetown in its blog, What cigarettes, kidneys and rhinos have in common

30 May, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley speaks at Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime in Capetown, South Africa on Emerging Trends in the Organized Crime/Crime Terror Nexus.

25 May, 2016: Rep. Christopher Smith (NJ) made remarks at the House of Representatives on the recent work on Louise Shelley and Judy Deane on Corporate Raiding in Russia.

24 May, 2016: Louise Shelley presents her talk, “Convergence of Illicit Actors and Flows” at the Regional Conference on Wildlife Trafficking, CSIR International Conventional Centre, Pretoria, South Africa.

19 May, 2016: The KCET/LinkTV episode of Earth Focus, “Illicit Ivory” that featured TraCCC’s Dr. Louise Shelley and Gretchen Peters Wins 2016 Excellence in New Communications Award for Innovation: Digital & Marketing Experience

16 May, 2016: Huffington Post writes about the work of Louise Shelley and Judy Deane on corporate raiding in Russia in the article “Corporate Raiding, Russian Style

12 May, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley testified before the House Committee on Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence.

12 May, 2016: Website Sputniknews writes about the testimony of Dr. Shelley before a House subcommittee on terror funding. The story is called, Daesh Activities in Europe Funded via Local Petty Crimes

12 May, 2016: Sputniknews further writes Terrorists Switch to Illicit Gold Trade From Drugs to Finance Activities about the testimony of Dr. Shelley to Congressional Committee.

9 May, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley and Judy Deane author report Rise of Reiderstvo on corporate raiding in Russia.

April 28-29, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley spoke at the Technology Against Crime International Conference in, Lyon, France on the topic of future trends in transnational crime. She also moderated a session on human trafficking and served on the scientific committee for the conference that was co-sponsored with Interpol and the French Ministry of Interior

21 April, 2016: Newly awarded Ph.D., Nazia Hussain was selected by United Nations University-Centre for Policy Research in Tokyo, Japan for a JSPS post-doc fellowships and will be stationed at UNU-CPR for the 2016-18 period. The fellowship is to promote her research on fragile states and organized crime

April 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley is awarded the prestigious Rockefeller Foundation Residence Fellowship in Bellagio, Italy to write on her current book on illicit trade and its impact on sustainability

20 April, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley’s book, Human Traffic and Transnational Crime: Eurasian and American Perspectives is quoted in HuffPost Impact Blog, “Sexual Assault—Tool of Power and Control in Sex Trafficking and Forced Labor

19 April, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley spoke in Paris at the 2016 OECD Integrity Forum, Fighting the Hidden Tariff: Global Trade without Corruption. She spoke on a panel entitled “Exploiting Tragedy: Corruption and the Refugee Crisis”

12 April, 2016: Louise Shelley was the concluding speaker at the 16th Alliance against Trafficking in Persons Conference in Vienna, focused on forced criminality in human trafficking. Her talk was entitled, “Looking Forward: Recommendations for Policy and Research

8 April, 2016: Top Greek newspaper, To Vimo, quotes Louise Shelley in story on plans and perceptions in Europe of Terrorism. “Η Ευρώπη ψάχνει απαντήσεις απέναντι” by Irini Psychari

4 April 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley authors report, “Global Terrorism and Organised Crime” in International Reports Of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

April 2016: TraCCC PhD student Andy Guth co-authors chapter in 2016 OECD report, Illicit Trade: Converging Networks. The chapter begins on page 38 and is entitled, “Trafficking in Persons: Trends and Patterns.”

18 March, 2016: Asian Review quotes Dr. Shelley in its analysis of North Korea’s place in the global trade in illicit and counterfeit cigarettes. “North Korean counterfeit cigarette trade faces squeeze

18 March, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley spoke at the 2nd “Diagohi sulle Mafie” conference in Naples, Italy.

17 March, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley is mentioned in Norwegian publication Altaposten story on the role of cigarette smuggling in terror finance. “Koster dyrt for lokale forhandlere

17 March, 2016: Yahoo News Italian covers “Dialoghi sulle Mafie” in Naples, and Louise Shelley’s presentation at it. It also quotes her book, Dirty Entanglements. “Contrabbando e criminalità a base finanziamenti gruppi terroristici

15 March, 2016: Dr. Louise Shelley is mentioned in write up on 4 day conference in Naples, Italy, “Dialoghi sulle Mafie” on Italian website Corriere della Sera. “Le Quattro Giornate dei Dialoghi sulle mafie

25 February, 2016: Louise Shelley, with Christina Bain, write for digital platform, Brink, on the options for and scrutiny needed to eliminate forced labor from supply chains. “Slavery Infuses Supply Chains, Demanding Closer Scrutiny by Companies.

12 February, 2016: An interview with Dr. Shelley is featured in a new book for the German military on understanding modern terrorism. Wir sind schuld! is by Thomas Franke.

5 February, 2016: German website Online Focus mentions Dr. Louise Shelley’s work on terror financing in its analysis of the evolution of ISIS and the fight against it. “Von der Leyen: IS-Präsenz in Libyen verstärkt Druck

4 February, 2016: Canada’s CBCNews credits Louise Shelley and Dirty Entanglements for the new phrase used by Canadian Defence Minister to describe ISIS. “Criminal organization, religious extremists? Words matter when it comes to ISIS

2 February, 2016: Italian publication Il Lametino quoted Dr. Louise Shelley in a new article on the risk of terrorism in Italy as compared to its neighbors. This piece is a follow-on to a program that Dr. Louise Shelley spoke at, in November, at the Italian Parliament, focused on links between illicit trade and terrorism. Read it L’Italia nel mezzo della complessità islamica e della miseria in Africa

January 2016: Dr. Shelley writes “Terrorismus in Europa 2016,” in Sicher. Und Morgen? Sicherheitspolitische Jahresvorschau 2016 Vienna: Direktion für Sicherheitspolitik im BMLV, 2015, 118-120.

31 January, 2016: Dr. Shelley presented at “HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Get the Facts and Take Action!” hosted by the Northern Virginia Women’s Commissions. Other speakers included Elizabeth Scaife, Director of Training, Shared Hope International; Detective Bill Woolf, Fairfax County Police Department; Dr. Liz Payne, Fairfax County Public Schools; and Beth Saunders and  Jodi Ohern, Just Ask Trafficking Prevention Foundation.

29 January, 2016: German publication writes about the need to attack terrorism through the financial systems, as follow-up to “Eurasia and Armed Radicalism” conference in Berlin. The article cites Dr. Shelley’s input and participation in the conference. “Experten: Kampf gegen IS-Terror muss stärker bei den Finanzquellen ansetzen

26-27 January, 2016: Dr. Shelley presented at the conference, “Eurasia and Armed Radicalism,” organized by NATO Defense College Foundation and the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), in Berlin, Germany.

25 January, 2016: Dr. Shelley is quoted in Money Laundering Bulletin article entitled, “Shaky foundations – real estate compliance.”  Login required for reading.

25 January, 2016: UK website, Financial Director, quotes Dr. Shelley, from Der Spiegel, in writing on the business model and financial structures of ISIS. “Corporate terror: how the Islamic State accounts for terrorism

13 January, 2016: Dr. Shelley spoke on “The Supply Chain and Human Trafficking,” at a session on Expanding the Scope of Resilience: Concerns about Human Trafficking and Hazardous Materials, as part of the Transportation Research Board, 95th Annual Meeting, Jan. 13, 2016, Washington, DC.