In the News 2009 – 2010

10-13 November 2010- Dr. Louise Shelley moderated a panel at the 14th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Bangkok, Thailand. She also wrote one of the conference articles entitled “Restoring Trust for Peace and Security.”

9 November 2010- Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in the article, “Countries Cooperate to Confront Crime Rings,” discussing the multilateral and multidimensional strategy that includes even greater international information- and intelligence-sharing and law enforcement cooperation.

14 October 2010- Dr. Louise Shelley was thanked by Journalist, Brian Palmer, for helping with his article, “Godfather vs. Vor: Who would win in a fight?”

20 September 2010- Three former students under Louise Shelley, Joseph Kafchinski, Summer Britford and Elizabeth Fiorentino, were published in the January 2010 Turkish Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Their articles can be found under our publications section of the website.

1 September 2010- Lousie Shelley was interviewed by Voice of America (Cambodia) to discuss her book, Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective. Khmer Interview

29 August 2010, Louise Shelley, director of TraCCC, was quoted in the New York Times article, “An Arms Sales Suspect, Bargaining With Secrets,” discussing the world’s largest arms trafficker, Viktor Bout.

19 August 2010- TraCCC partner Dr. Tatiana Pinkevich, Director of the Center for Social, Political, and Criminological Research at the Stavropol Branch of the Krasnodar MVD University, engaged Russian President Dmitry Medvedvev during a round table discussion on crime and corruption at the Kremlin. Transcripts from the event may be found on the Kremlin and Ministry of Internal Affairs websites. English translation

22 July 2010- TraCCC hosted a conference entitled, “Human Insecurity in West Africa: Irregular and Forced Migration, Drugs, and Arms and Human Trafficking.” The conference addressed many of the major challenges that West Africa faces including irregular/ cladestine migration, forced migration as a result of climate change and conflict, sexual and labor trafficking and the drugs and arms trade. Further information: Event Program, Panelist Biographies, Relevant Publications

14 July 2010-The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe held the hearing “A Decade of The Trafficking in Persons Report,” in which Louise Shelley’s latest book, “Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective” was mentioned in the testimony. Her book can be found on page 17 of The OSCE’s Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Dr. Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, testimony.

3 May 2010- Funded by the Turkish Institute for Security and Democracy, TraCCC hosted a conference entitled, “The Crime-Terror Nexus: Perspectives and Lessons Learned from International Researchers and Practicioners.” The conference presented analysis of terrorist financing and activity, based primarily on data made available from the Turkish National Police on the terrorist organization, PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party). Panels addressed diverse forms of terrorist financing and crime networks extending from Central Asia, through the Middle East and to Europe. Participants include high-level international officials and researchers who have studied data on the crime-terror relationship.

18 April 2010, Rector, Vladimir Kurilov, of Far East State University where TraCCC’s International Narcotic LawEnforcement (INL)-funded Vladivostok Center has been housed since 1997, sent Louise Shelley a letter of gratitude for the TraCCC-INL project. Worthy of mention is that Rector Kurilov has never been a paid participant in our project.

25 and 26 February 2010, TraCCC hosted a conference entitled, ” Criminal Networks, Smuggling, and WMD.” The conference addressed the problem of criminal facilitation in WMD proliferation in the United States and abroad. Speakers focused on actual cases and not hypothetical scenarios, and confirmed linkages between crime and terrorist groups were discussed and analyzed. Event Program, Biographies of the Speakers, Relevant Guest Speaker Publications

11 January 2010, Jack Goldstone, affiliated faculty of TraCCC, has been published in the January/February edition of Foreign Affairs Magazine. His article entitled, “The New Population Bomb” discusses a series of looming demographic trends that will greatly affect international security in the twenty-first century. How policymakers adjust to these changes now will determine the course of global political and economic stability for years to come.

11 January 2010, The article entitled,“January — The Month of Fighting Slavery and Human Trafficking,” (transliteration is: Yanvar’ — mesyats bor’by s rabstvom i torgovlei liud’mi) was published discussing President Obama’s declaration of January as the month of fighting slavery and combating human trafficking, which will culminate in the 1 of February “Freedom Day”. The article also draws attention to Obama’s attention to the issue of human trafficking through the leadership of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the U.S. Department of State, and the increased vulnerability of people to human trafficking due to the current global financial crisis. Director Louise Shelley was interviewed in the article and discusses her forthcoming book about human trafficking.

6 January 2010, NBR Special Report (December 2009),Ehsan Ahrari, Vanda Felbab-Brown and TraCCC Director Louise I. Shelley with TraCCC student, Nazia Hussain, assess the global and regional dynamics of narcotics production and trafficking in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the implications for counterinsurgency efforts in the region. The article is entitled, ” Narco-Jihad: Drug Trafficking and Security in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

6 January 2010, affiliated faculty member, Janine Wedel, has had her book, Shadow Elite: How the World’s New Power Brokers Undermine Democracy, Government, and the Free Market, selected as the first HuffPost Book Club selection for 2010. This book exposes and explains why it’s been so hard to bring about any real change in our country — why Washington no longer seems capable of addressing the problems our nation faces.

17 December 2009, Louise Shelley along with TraCCC’s Open World Program delegates, Marina Zakharova (Astrakhan), Maruf Khodzhiev (Kazan) and Veronika Ischenko (Rostov-on-Don), were interviewed in the article “A Fight is Declared against Slavery”(Article is in Russian).

12 December 2009, Louise Shelley was quoted in the Connecticut article, “Drug Cash Eludes Feds War” which discusses the currect Drug Cartel situation in Tijuana, Mexico.

13 November 2009, TraCCC was mentioned in the Voice of America article “Why Corruption Continues to Grow in Russia” which involves that corruption case involving Militia Major Alexei Dymovski. The article is in Russian.

21 October 2009, Louise Shelley appeared on CNN Prime Time discussing Russian crime organizations. The story is entitled “FBI: Mobster more powerful than Gotti”

21 October 2009, TraCCC had its third conference this year entitled” Drug Flows Out of Afghanistan and Pakistan” consisting of 2 panels: The Drug Situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan; and Drugs Flows, Illicit Trade and Corruption as a Facilitating Factor along the Routes out of Afghanistan. Here are the Biographies of the Speakers, Relevant Publications, and Speaker Mahmut Cengiz Power Point Presentation.

14 October 2009, Louise Shelley was mentioned by the George Mason University’s President, Alan Merten, in his Fall 2009 Convocation Speech. She can be found on page 12.

10 September 2009, TraCCC release its very first Newsletter. The newsletter contains information about TraCCC students and Scholars, the Open World Program, Upcoming Events, what the Russian Centers are doing right now and much more.

10 September 2009, TraCCC hosted the conference, “US Policy on Transnational Crime” which consisted of 4 panels discussing Drug Trafficking, Mexico, and US Policy, Human Smuggling and Trafficking, Why Countering Counterfeiting and Diversion Deserve More Policy Attention, and Countering Transnational Crime

19 August 2009, TraCCC hosted “An Anti-Corruption Exchange” with a small group of officials from Southern Sudan tasked by GOSS with the establishment of southern Sudan’s first anti-corruption body and legislative framework. Minutes from the Exchange

17 August 2009, George Mason University wrote article, “Professor Works to Eradicate Modern Slave Trade” discussing human trafficking in the United States and what Dr. Louise Shelley recommends to be done.

July 2009, Security Management Online posted article, “Sleuthing Nuclear Smuggling,” mentioning Dr. Louise Shelley along with other panelists from the April 16th Conference, What Is Needed?: The Way Ahead for WMD Policy

23 July 2009, the Washington Post printed the article “Official’s Arrest in Russia Linked to GMU Research” which discussed the arrest of Alexander Astafyev, senior anti-corruption investigator at the Vladivostok Center in Russia. The Finnish-Russian Civic Forum also discusses the arrest. A.D. Summary Report, “The Role of Russian Internal Affairs Agencies”

29 June, 2009, Dr. Louise Shelley was quoted in the Public Integrity article titled, Tobacco, Terrorism, and Illicit Trade, which discusses the undermining of cigarette smuggling worldwide by law enforcement.

20 May, 2009, Dr. Louise Shelley was interviewed by Voice of America to discuss TraCCC’s work with the Open World Program, and the need for Russia and the United States to work together against transnational crime and illegal migration. This article is in RUSSIAN.

4 May, 2009,TraCCC hosted a major policy talk with Mr. David Luna, Director for the Anti-Crime Programs at the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) Affairs in the US Department of State. The talk was largely focused on thematic threat convergence issues and the United States’ recent diplomatic efforts to combat transnational threats and dismantling threat networks. His statement can be found here

16 April,2009, TraCCC hosted an event,What Is Needed?: The Way Ahead for WMD Policy at the School of Public Policy. This Weapons of Mass Destruction Conference discussing the theoretical and operational frameworks of the policy domestically and abroad, and what is needed for the future. The Conference Report can be found here

March, 2009, TraCCC Director Dr. Louise Schelley appeared in the The Center for Infrastructure Proction (CIP) Report, published by GMU’s Law School. The article is titled Winners and Losers of the Current Crisis.

16 March, 2009, TraCCC Director Dr. Louise Shelley appeared in the School of Public Policy Monthly Newletter, Currents, to discuss her up and coming book, Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective, along with her concerns with the growing epidemic.