Video Resources


Do I Have a Choice?

This a 22-minute documentary film produced and directed by Dr. Veerendra Mishra and Dr. Priyanka Mishra. The film focuses on the Bedia community in India, in which prostitution is an accepted and normalized custom within conservative Indian society. The filmmakers contend that this is a story of how glaring gaps in social policy have contributed to sex trafficking.



The Geography of Terrorism

Dr. Richard Medina speaks at TraCCC about the application of geospatial analysis to terrorist networks. In his recent book, The Geography of International Terrorism: An Introduction to Spaces and Places of Violent Non-State Groups (CRC Press, 2013), of which he is co-author (with George F. Hepner), Dr. Medina argues that, while geography is not the only factor to shape human behavior, its influence on terrorists’ motivations, behaviors, options, and activities is a primary consideration in understanding terrorism.