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Hizbullah and Russia’s Nascent Alliance

Authored by Aurora Ortega and Dr Matthew Levitt. Published May 23, 2023 in RUSI. …

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Shelley, Louise. Revisiting the Problem of Organized Crime in Post-Soviet DevelopmentShelley, Louise. Demokratizatsiya (Vol. 30, No. 2, Fall 2022)

Demokratizatsiya 30 Years On: Revisiting Our Past. Special Issue of Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization.…

Corruption Former Soviet States Student Publications

Breznai, Matthew. The Impact of Oligarchical Corruption on Ukraine’s National Defense

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Johnson, H. Training Veil: How Russia’s strategic use of paramilitary and commercial vehicles in Africa impact illicit trade

Corruption Former Soviet States Journals/Articles/Reports Terrorism Weapons Smuggling & WMD

Alternative Ways to Seek Regional and Global Influence: How Shadowy Organizations Serve the Interests of Turkey, Iran, and Russia

Authored by Dr. Mahmut Cengiz, Dr. Layla Hashemi, and Vladimir Semizhanov
April 7, 2022, The Small Wars Journal

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The Concert of Autocracies: A Potemkin Village

Authored by Will Nelson. March 22, 2022, Center for Security Policy Studies, Schar School of Policy and Government. …