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Criminal street gangs and domestic sex trafficking in the United States: evidence from Northern Virginia

Dr. Louise Shelley, Dr. Yulia Krylova. Published in Crime, Law, and Social Change, 2023.…

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Shelley, Louise. Revisiting the Problem of Organized Crime in Post-Soviet DevelopmentShelley, Louise. Demokratizatsiya (Vol. 30, No. 2, Fall 2022)

Demokratizatsiya 30 Years On: Revisiting Our Past. Special Issue of Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization.…

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“Human Trafficking and Responsible Leadership,” in Responsible Leadership: Essential to the Achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals ed. Michael Saks,  Routledege,  2022, pp.279-94.

Human Trafficking & Smuggling Journals/Articles/Reports Transnational Organized Crime

Cengiz, Mahmut, and Oguzhan Omer Demir. 2022. “How Hoteliers Act in the Form of Organized Crime in Human Trafficking: A Case Study from Turkey” Social Sciences 11, no. 11: 511.

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Transnational Crime During a Pandemic – How Criminals Are Capitalizing on the Chaos Caused by COVID-19

Authored by Dr. Louise Shelley, Dr. Layla Hashemi, and Sarah Meo. Chapter of A World Emerging from Pandemic: Implication for Intelligence and National Security, edited by Stacey E. Pollard and Lawrence A. Kuznar. Published by NI Press, Spring 2022. …

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Arlotto, Andrew. Combatting IUU Fishing with AML Policies

Authored by Andrew Arlotto. Student paper, published in AML RightSource on October 11, 2022.…