Key Headquarters Personnel

Dr. Louise Shelley
Founder and Director
Louise Shelley, a renowned professor at George Mason University, has significantly impacted global crime and policy understanding. Her books like "Dark Commerce" provide deep insights into international crime, shaping policies and enlightening a new generation in the complexities of transnational issues, making her a pivotal figure in academia.
Judy Deane
Deputy Director
Judy Deane, a Senior Policy Fellow and Deputy Director at TraCCC, George Mason University, has significantly contributed to projects on global crime issues and international partnerships. A retired Foreign Service Officer, her extensive background includes working in Central Europe and Eurasia, and she is actively involved in community affairs in Arlington.
Dr. Mahmut Cengiz
Associate Research Professor
Dr. Mahmut Cengiz, an Associate Professor at George Mason University's TraCCC, is a seasoned expert in terrorism, organized crime, and illicit economies. He has extensive field experience in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, and has authored several books and articles. His work focuses on the dynamics of terrorism, smuggling, and criminal networks, contributing significantly to understanding and combating these global challenges.
Kasey Kinnard
Assistant Projects Manager
Kasey Kinnard, a key member of George Mason University's TraCCC since 2014, plays a vital role in its expansion and development. Her work focuses on research and program management related to corruption, organized crime, and human trafficking. Kasey also manages the DAC Fellowship Program and is actively involved in international development projects.
Paola Arevalo
Project Administrator and Outreach Coordinator
Healthcare professional with 9+ years of experience in health care, public health, epidemiology and health program management, in public service and governmental agencies.
Amaljith Kuttamath
Administrative and Outreach Assistant
As a student admin at TraCCC and a master's student in data analytics at George Mason University, I specialize in research, data analysis, and event coordination. Previously, I worked in tech consulting and solutions architecture, developing business solutions with advanced tools and specializing in digital signal processing and anomaly detection.