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Transnational Organized Crime in the United States: Defining the Problem

Authored by Dr. Louise Shelley. Kobe University Law Review, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 77-91. 1998…

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The Problems of Fighting Crime in the Sphere of Economic Activity

TraCCC Research Center, Kharkiv, Ukraine. 1998, NCJ Number 198423…

Cigarette Trafficking Journals/Articles/Reports Transnational Organized Crime

Eradicating Crime Groups

Authored by Dr. Louise Shelley. The Foreign Service Journal, September 1997), 18-23.…

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Paying the Price

Authored by Dr. Louise Shelley. Published in The Russian, April 1997. …

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The Criminal-Political Nexus: Russian Case Study

Shelley, L. I. (1997). The criminal-political nexus: Russian case study: Paper presented at the Institute for Contemporary Studies and NSIC Conference “Confronting the Challenge of the Political-Criminal Nexus,” Mexico, March 1997: 1-12. Trends in Organized Crime, 3(1), 12-14.…

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More than Just a Crime Problem: Organized Crime in the Baltics

Authored by Dr. Louise Shelley. Proceedings of IX Baltic Criminological Seminar, Estonian National Defense and Public Service Academy, Tallinn, 1997.…